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Cancer Free Detox P5

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Any detoxification plan these basic treatment guidelines are kind of a must to move there. So we of course try and identify so we can  minimise the potential avoidance person may have and of ounce  you try you optimise the diet  program , you try and  optimise  your exercise and movement which may be again simply walking get  because it’s plenty good. Some form of hydrotherapy and a probiotic perhaps for their bowel. Whatever aspect is important for getting everything in order. Reduce the toxic load, look around your house and in a few weeks doctor Chip Aversion is going to do one of these webinars on environmental toxicity in your house and we will give you a lot of different options and choices as to other things that you can do that may be there that you may not want to be doing. Of course there are our best source of vitamin and minerals. We need to be very diligent about the types of food that we eat because it’s pretty critical. You will find the right type of activity including now a game like WII which in living facilities gas proven to be extremely beneficial. It  does get some of the age  up and moving , depending weather wise you can get out you’re sot of going theorem the emotions and in this faces  playing baseball without actually playing baseball but the teleprompter can tell you if you have a home h run or signal or  fly ball. That kind of things is obviously important. Motion id the lotion as it says. Basically getting out and just movant does so many food things  for the body and forces if we don’t do it we  end up with a number of these conditions as suggested down here at  the […]

Cancer Free Detox P4

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  In other words   this is my opinion about who needs the detox is pretty much everybody. Even the little babies, we hear of children who are quite seriously ill no doubt because there is this accumulated elasticity. So how are we going to   do that? Well we obviously need to determine that you have a toxic load of some type. History usually goes a long way to be able to do that. Ideally we do some type of testing. You can do a hair analysis of course of heavy testing or you can do a urine analysis, we can do blood testing, we can do liver function test etc. and now we have to optimise the detoxification system that the body had. Before you begin that it’s important that detox systems are working properly otherwise you are just going to build things yup.   What I evolved   over the time is something that I call a basic treatment guldens and they weren’t design to treat any diseases but at the same time they can treat any problem that we have and so they were racially developed to try and enhance all these natural mechanism for getting stuff out of the body through these natural emoncries. We have this bodies treatment guidelines that we will briefly mention.   It talks about breathing, we take it for granted that we do deep breathing. Do we breathe enough? Generally not   people just breath with the tip of their  lungs  , they  don’t move their  diagram  sufficiently  and if we are not moving our diaphragm  we are not filling our air . As I mentioned earlier it’s  in many of  cancer patients when we do evaluation of their  pulse oxicimetry we often find that  ideally it should  be  98  or  99  but main  […]

Cancer Free Detox P3

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  Detox is one thing desperation is another thing which typically the dictionary says is to become free of impurities. It is usually used for when we  are trying to get rid  of chemical s, pesticides  insecticides , [Inaudible] those types of things  and these xenon type  biotic compounds that are  there  are not normally found in the  body so the body has to figure out how to get rid of them . Drugs like nan antibiotics is really like a xenobiotic far as the body is concerned because the body is does not produce it nor is it part of the normal dietary so it is something that is definitely foreign so many medication portion ally have partially heavy metals and different types of chemicals that write definitely toxic to the body.   There e arte a number of techniques. Perhaps you physicians or therapies that you treat with will you or recommend a variety of these types of therapy.  They certainly involve achiliation therapy. Saunas can be a big deal and movement and massage and vitamins and minerals and substances wish we will bind up these antibiotics, we can monitor levels, and we can do infrared radiation using an infrared sauna. We know that the benefits of that I are  quote intensive , It can be one   of the things  which will help people Lowe their blood  pressure , you may obviously be able to  lose weight .It will improve their  circulation .   It is part of the idea of trying to move the body back into this place of balance. We can look at the   component of the infrared compartment of the electro magnetics spectrum. We listen to the radio which is part of the spectrum. Many people who use microwave to cook food. We use […]

Cancer Free Detox P2

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  We’ve  come to find and what we do at  our clinic here in Scottsdale  is we try and look  deeper than  just  the assumption that it is a hormone problem or a viral  problem or whatever and we start looking at some of the  other factors  that we have been able to associate with a number of patients who have chronic illness . Whether it is a balance n in the Chinese meridians, whether it we balance in what you have inherited. What it really comes down to is the violation in society of nature’s laws and at time we can go through nature’s laws but we can look at publications that are not new. In fact Doctor Oswald wrote this and published this in 1982. We have a lot of a 130 years ago he said the reason that people get ill, using his words for diet. What happens when they are inside their homes, outside their homes? Gymnastics which we now refer to of course as movement and exercise, importer clothing. Even in those day they were talking about synthetic things, not get enough sleep, not get have enough fun in life and of course poor hygiene.  Then 100 years ago doctor Lenard published his idea of chronic disease   which he felt was indeed a  violation of nature’s laws and he said  in his opinion it was  about  excessive  eating , too much alcohol , coffee  or tea   or overwork , night work , fear  or worry  , poor  air quality , lack of exercise , loveless marriages  and  it looks  pretty similar to what everybody talks about nowadays . I don’t even think they had Starbucks back in those days but yet they were drinking too much coffee and tea and still working late etc.   […]