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Toxic World P4

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Here was a patient that was on antidepressant medication that’s why their aluminum was so high.  They shut down the nerve activity between both sides of the brain.  That’s what those compounds do.  Arsenic was really high, too.  I couldn’t figure out why the arsenic was so high.  Bismuth.  Anybody that’s depressed, irritable, they’re nerves are on end.  They’re going to hit the Pepto-Bismol®, and they’re going to have bad digestion.  Her total toxic representation was huge.  I think her zinc-to-phosphate levels were low on her bottom chart. Here’s another test on somebody that drink out of aluminum cans that has high aluminum.  They must have had a lot of dental work with this nickel here because nickel’s nasty.  There’s more cancers from nickel than I’ve seen from some of these other metals. Now, we hear about free radicals, there’s different theories to cell damage.  Well, free radicals have made the most sense to everybody.  As I wrote down here, what happens is cell damage process called oxidation is the same process that causes our cars to rust and slices of apple to turn brown.  Free radicals happen normally in the body because cells have to break down, rejuvenate, regrow, and die.  There’s a modified turnover rate.  There’s a lot of free radicals, and everybody’s heart of oxygen species.  There’s all these different things out there.  They’re all different terms to say these free radical are damaging if they find proteins, if it finds your eye, your heart, your brain.  Whatever it finds, it’s going to cause destruction. What I linked with free radicals are obviously any vaccines.  Any vaccination would cause free radical activity in the body.  Anything that’s going create inflammation, that’s a free radical reaction.  Any vaccines involved in that, any pharmaceuticals that are chemicals, any of […]

The Best Toothpaste Is Fluoride-Free Toothpaste You Make Yourself

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It’s essential that you choose a fluoride-free toothpaste since fluoride can be toxic. Specifically, there are developmental and reproductive toxicities associated with fluoride that you want no part of. Just as important to overall health as eating well, avoiding harmful food additives and getting rid of potentially toxic amalgam fillings is choosing the best toothpaste possible. What To Avoid The best toothpaste choices on the market come from companies like Tom’s of Maine — now owned by Colgate — and from Dr. Ken’s, Tea Tree Therapy and The Natural Dentists to name only a few. You need to choose a fluoride-free toothpaste that’s also free from other harmful ingredients like triclosan, BHT, PEG-12, FD&C 12, DEA, sodium hydroxide and propylene glycol. Trying to find a paste that’s free of all these chemicals, tastes good and actually cleans your teeth well can be a challenge. And these aren’t the only substances that shouldn’t be in toothpaste. You should avoid sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium saccarin, carrageen, sorbitol and manganese gluconate as well. That could leave you searching for hours for the best toothpaste. And can you really trust those labels?   A Great-Tasting Homemade Toothpaste Making your own homemade toothpaste is incredibly easy and the ingredients aren’t hard to find either. Here’s what you’ll need: ½ cup virgin non-hydrogenised coconut oil, available at health food stores and specialty grocers 2-3 tablespoons baking soda or 1 tablespoon of finely ground pumice 15 drops or more of your favorite essential oil (peppermint, cinnamon or whatever you want) Xylitol to taste   That’s all! Then simply soften the oil over gentle heat, add everything else and mix very well. Store in a glass jar once it has thoroughly cooled and use twice a day along with a regular regime of flossing too. This recipe tastes […]

Toxic World P3

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Another thing with heavy metals is that men are getting right now is hemochromatosis.  Hemochromatosis is a big issue with men where you can’t break down iron in the body, and it builds in the tissue.  The buildup in the tissue causes damage in that tissue.  It usually starts the liver, but it could go to the joints, heart, anywhere.  So, the medical profession, what do they recommend?  Get your blood drawn up at least two or three times a year to keep your iron level down and to avoid iron-containing foods.  Well, there’s something a little bit easier.  I don’t mind maybe once or twice donating your blood.  They know a product of milk thistle known as silymarin will actually reducing the oxidizing effects of iron and push iron out of the body.  So, milk thistle actually helps the body clear the iron out of the body. So, not only are we finding that certain herbs block the absorption of heavy metals, we’re also finding that milk thistle and garlic can actually go and chelate certain things out of our body.  It takes a very long time, but if you are a person or who know somebody that has hemochromatosis, they have to know that that dosage is correct as far as milk thistle because they can really benefit from that because that will kill you, 50, 60 years of age.  That’s a genetic problem.  Milk thistle will cover a genetic problem. So, lead is very big these days.  Lead exposure toxicity, to sum it up, they found that fluoridating of some waters increased the absorption of lead.  So, chemicals in the water will increase the absorption of lead, depends where it held.  The thing is if lead is in the cells or the tissues, you can get it […]

Toxic World P2

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So, yes, the point I want to make here is that hysterectomy is the number two surgery in America, but the number one surgeries in America are what?  Gallbladder surgery.  What does the gallbladder function do?  It emulsified your fats.  It takes your fats, uses bile, turns them into your carbs or energy metabolism from fats to glucose or energy.  It’s that simple. Well, most people’s gallbladders, the fats are what hold most of the toxins and poisons.  So, people end up with stones.  They’re ending up with bile duct cancer. They’re ending up with inflammation of the gallbladder.  They’re ending up with necrotic gallbladder where the gallbladder’s actually just dying.  It’s black.  They have to take it out.  So, that gives you some information on why you think they want us to eat the food pyramid.  They don’t want you to eat any fat.  They’re saying, through the food pyramid, the world’s that toxic. That’s probably the best even though it’s not the best, unless you’re educated and you pick the right things.  For the general public, that’s the best with what kind of world we’re in, but when you get educated you understand that grains, fat, animals, buffalo, bison.  There’s different foods you can pick and different ways to raise the foods. So, now, you always have to ask.  I always ask myself, whenever I start wheezing, whenever I start getting rash, whenever I have any type of discomfort, and I’m going to go through the symptoms, but what are you breathing, touching or eating?  It’s that simple.  That’s 98% of the problems.  I’m talking for cancer, but there’s progressions where you get to cancer.  So, what you’re breathing, what you’re touching, and what you’re eating is why those cancer statistics are so high and why MS, Alzheimer’s, […]

Toxic World

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Alright.  I guess we’re ready to get started. Thanks for sacrificing one of the few days we have in Michigan of being a nice day as far as with the weather back and forth. I appreciate you guys coming out and taking an interest in your own health because it’s very important as you’ll see through most of the research I put up here and the science that your health is dependent on what you do, not what you read or what I put here but what you take from it and what you do with it. There’s a quote I found.  It came out of Life Extension magazine, and it was quoted by Jere Goyan.  He’s a medical doctor, and he used to be the commissioner of the FDA from 1979 to 1981.  He made statement in the Detroit Free Press on November 5, 2000 in stating, “We, as patients, have got to raise the questions ourselves and take care of our own selves.”  Now, he was the head of the FDA.  So, there’s some good things about it, and there’s also some bad.  I think there’s more bad than good about certain policies that has to do with the Food and Drug Administration, but somebody coming out and saying that is saying, “The buy beware.”  It’s that simple.  There’s so many things out there.  There’s so much misinformation that what you do yourself is very important in your future and your family. I want to pass around this bag.  This was a funny story, and, for people that have been into the office, I was walking from Room 7.  I was walking all the way down.  I was going back to our office.  I made a left pass at the bathroom, and I’m like, “This smells like mold.  […]