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Toxic World

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Alright.  I guess we’re ready to get started. Thanks for sacrificing one of the few days we have in Michigan of being a nice day as far as with the weather back and forth. I appreciate you guys coming out and taking an interest in your own health because it’s very important as you’ll see through most of the research I put up here and the science that your health is dependent on what you do, not what you read or what I put here but what you take from it and what you do with it.

There’s a quote I found.  It came out of Life Extension magazine, and it was quoted by Jere Goyan.  He’s a medical doctor, and he used to be the commissioner of the FDA from 1979 to 1981.  He made statement in the Detroit Free Press on November 5, 2000 in stating, “We, as patients, have got to raise the questions ourselves and take care of our own selves.”  Now, he was the head of the FDA.  So, there’s some good things about it, and there’s also some bad.  I think there’s more bad than good about certain policies that has to do with the Food and Drug Administration, but somebody coming out and saying that is saying, “The buy beware.”  It’s that simple.  There’s so many things out there.  There’s so much misinformation that what you do yourself is very important in your future and your family.

I want to pass around this bag.  This was a funny story, and, for people that have been into the office, I was walking from Room 7.  I was walking all the way down.  I was going back to our office.  I made a left pass at the bathroom, and I’m like, “This smells like mold.  I don’t know what it is.”  I got a good sniffer.  I can pick up who smokes.  Nobody feel guilty that they smoke, but I could pick up smoking, drinking.  I’m just very sensitive in the olfactory nerve for my sense of smell.  It’s that simple.

I walked by, and I’m like, “Man, that stinks.”  We had a water leak in the office from something that happened, but it was taken care of.  I was wondering is that the water leak?  I walked by, and I swear it was from right there.  Just as I walked around the corner where they put a lot of stuff, there was this bag sitting there with tortilla chips, cheese, and salsa.  I’m like what is this?  I’m walking around.  I smell this thing, and I didn’t know where it was coming from.  I’m like, “It’s coming from that bag.” I said, “Can I have this bag because this smells just like mold, just like fungus, just like toxins, just like plastic.” This bag was so bad.  This is coming out of a restaurant with your food.

So, when we’re talking about detoxification, how your body handles chemicals, especially in an environment today, if you can’t smell this bag, you have sinus problems, you might have to do something with your sinuses because this is a very strong odor.  This is just extreme.  I’m going to pass around this bag and get a whiff of this.  Smell these. These are mostly the smells of our plastics.  Can you smell that?  So, pass that around.  Smell that, but I can’t believe food is sitting in there.

This is my next lecture.  It’s on “sound” health.  Interesting things.  I’m not going to talk about it too much.  I don’t want to give too much away, but how we word things and how say things and what things we think about and what things we accept is very important in our health.  Most people don’t know that the most powerful thing in the world is communication.  Communication comes from words.

So, we’re going to talk about how saying a specific word like walking up to somebody and saying, “You know what? I love you.”  You know, everybody can feel, “Wow, that’s neat,” if somebody walks up to you and says that, or if somebody says, “I hate you.”  Automatically you understand that, and there’s a bunch of chemical processes that go through your body.  So, by what you speak and what you’re listening to and what you accept can affect your health.  I’m going to talk about sound health.  I thought that was interesting, and it might be July 7th.  I’m thinking there might be a lot of people for Fourth of July after that.  I might not be able to get a good turnaround.  So, I thought it might be appropriate to make it July 14th, but for right now, I think it’s going to be July 7th that that lecture’s going to be on.

Alright, this is a cover story out of the Detroit Free Press.  You have to really watch what you read these days out of the newspaper.  This came out of the Detroit Free Press on March 30, 2004.  When I took current events in 7th grade, they always told you the first paragraph pretty much tells you what the rest of the story’s going to be.  That’s what I did with this, and I had to start reading over because it had to do with health.  I said, “This doesn’t make any sense when I got to the end.”  I’m going to read it to you.  It says:

High intake of folic acid, B6, and B12 vitamins does not prevent stroke recurrence, a study published in February in the Journal of the Medical Association found.  That tells you right there that vitamins and stroke have no relationship.   That’s the first thing they put out there.  Then, if you come down here: The vitamins had one beneficial effect.  Then it says:  They lowered levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that is becoming an important measure of heart disease, not stroke but heart disease.  The study found that people with high homocysteine levels at the start of the study were the most likely to have recurrent stroke. 

So, they flubbed the words.  Not all stroke patients have homocysteine.  There’s different causes of stroke.  That’s that they tricked you on.  So, you say that your homocysteine doesn’t make a difference, but if your homocysteine is high and you do those three vitamins, your recurrence for stroke is less.  You’re going to metabolize that homocysteine out of your arteries.  So, you really have to watch what you read these days.  Does everybody understand that?  So, that’s very important.

This was a study done in October.  It was a European study, and they tested manual therapy, chiropractic therapy.  They tested physiotherapy, which is electric STEM, ultrasound, hot/cold packs, diathermy.  Then, they checked with a general practitioner.  What the general practitioner does is mostly corticosteroids and medications.  They found, under manual therapy, that it had the best result.

They checked after seven weeks of manual therapy, physiotherapy, and general practitioner, and they found that manual therapy was on top at 68%.  Physiotherapy was 51%, and general practitioner was about 36%.  Then, they said, “Maybe this is just a time thing.  We have to follow this a little bit longer and see if there might be other variables involved.”

It ended up, that after 26 weeks, they found that the statistics were even better.  Then, at 52 weeks, they stayed the same.  So, after 1 year of therapy, not only was the chiropractic the most effective and then the physiotherapy or general therapy, but it was the most cost effective.  Five hundred fourteen dollars, $1492, and $1586, and this makes me angry because there are a couple of states out there that are dropping chiropractic for insurance purposes.

Right now, they’re not going to run a study like this in America.  I just thought you’d know that, and this is the same thing with back pain because I’ve seen a lot of studies.  The government backs up what they know is most likely a fat, and the government is what pushed chiropractic a little further than the medical community or the insurance companies or anything else.  So, most of the studies are done privately and governmentally because now the government military is getting involved with chiropractors.

Alright, I grabbed some toxic facts.  I didn’t know that the color was going to come out like this, but it says over 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.  That was the Center of Disease Control.  I talked about, in one of my lectures, about those finishing polishes that you use on tables that cause birth defects and stop certain hormones from affecting you.  People that like to finish furniture, old stuff, antique stuff.  That could affect levels, but that’s what I thought about when I read that.

There’s twice as many deaths resulting from corporate contamination and pollution thatn violent crimes and accidents, and that’s by the FBI and Labor Statistics.  It says, it is estimated that 200,000 children are born each year with birth defects as a result of parental chemical exposure.  That’s the March of Dimes.

Now, this is very important here.  The EPA reports that 99% of the population carries one or more chemicals linked to the development of cancer.  It says 3,000 chemical are added to our food and over 700 to our tap water. No toxicity data is available for 80% of some 40,000 chemicals in commercial use.  Of the more than 70,000 chemicals in daily use, only 2% are tested.

Total number of pesticides in ground water were 46.  Researchers at the University of Minnesota discovered that synthetic pesticides poisons tripled the rate of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  They found a high rate of chromosomal breakage at the 24th and 18th chromosomes in farmers who apply these toxins to their crops.

There’s another article that came out.  I picked this up.  It says, “Don’t wash your dog with flea solution or use a flea collar.”  The child of a pregnant woman who was exposed to chemicals in these products has five-fold increase of developing leukemia, lymphoma, or brain tumor by the age of six or seven years old.  Those are common chemicals that you could come into with.  I know people have three, four dogs now. I talked to a lady that had three cats today.  I mean, the animals are all over, and all these products are chemicals.  You don’t even realize.

Now, right here:  Toxic chemicals cause 98% of all cancers.  Today, one of out of every 2.5 Americans will get cancer.  That’s a lot.  Where’s the rest of the 2%?  I’m looking at this thing.  I’m like, wait, they’re saying it could be caused by this.  Other people blame it on genetics.  Everybody, as far as genetics, there’s pre-dispositions.  One of these days, I’m going get into all of that, but 98% of these chemicals are pre-disposed into your body, and are putting you in a very difficult or toxic situation that your body cannot handle.  That’s simple, but I looked at statistics, and about five to ten years ago, it was probably 1 out of 4.

Now, this is the number of new cancer cases per year, per site.  Start here with skin.  There’s 700,000.  That’s the number one site for cancer to occur, different skin cancers.  When you take these toxic products, they’re stored in your fat tissue, you expose those to UVB light, what does give off?  It gives off radiation.  Most of these chemicals are toxic minerals in the body.  So, that’s why I believe skin cancer is so high.  Also, it’s the closest surface of what’s around us.  Look at bone.  Bone is lowest, very hard to get deep into bone with these chemicals.  If you’re treating your body right and you’re doing the right things, but that’s telling me it’s 700,000.

Let’s look up the next one.  It’s 283,400 genital organs.  Yeah, they’re talking a little bit about testicular cancer, but I think they’re talking uterine cancer, ovarian cancer. That’s the number two surgery in America.  There’s almost 750,000 uteruses taken out.  The next one, digestive organs, 233,300.  The digestive organs come up to here.  Respiratory was 189,000.  Breast 183,000.  Then, you start getting into urinary organs, oral cavity, brain, endocrine, and finally you get into bone.  I listed these so you can see them a little bit better.  Skin, 700,000.  Genital organs.  Digestive organs.  Respiratory.  There’s fat tissue right there.  Urinary.  Oral cavity.  Brain. Endocrine.  Bone.

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