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How To Test For Toxic Mold In Your Home

June 17, 2015 by Uncategorized No Comments

Here’s something you may not realize: while some people are better housekeepers than others and some people pay more attention to small details like changes in their homes over time, every home is potentially susceptible to toxic mold. And no matter how bad or good your housekeeping is, there are San Diego mold removal professionals who can come in and assess whether you have a problem with mold and determine what can be done about it. At first glance, it may appear there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the structure of your home. But mold can creep into any kind of home at any time. While those that aren’t cleaned regularly and thoroughly may be particularly susceptible, the most common cause of mold is a leaking roof, flood damage or water damage from a malfunctioning air conditioning unit or other appliance. In many cases, cleanliness has absolutely nothing to do with it. No matter the circumstances, mold can be a very serious health concern for you and your family. Yet it sits in a corner of your kitchen or bathroom unnoticed for days, weeks or even months. But when you live in a home with a mold — even a small amount of it — you can show symptoms of mold toxicity. Mold exposure symptoms include fits of sneezing, red and irritated eyes and problems breathing. But everyone’s body reacts differently, and you could experience a different set of symptoms. No matter the symptoms, they aren’t something you want to experience, and you need to get your home tested if you have even the slightest indication that mold could be causing your health problems. Mold testing can determine whether mold is present and how bad the infestation is. Plus, some mold types are more dangerous to human health than others, and […]

A Guide You Can Use For The GoWiWi Attack Strategy

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The GoWiWi Attack Strategy isn’t really anything new in Clash of Clans, but more players know about it than every before. In this advanced guide, I’ll explain what you need to know to make this strategy a success for you. GoWiWi is among the most powerful troop composition setups in Clash of Clans, and the core troops are Witches, Golems and Wizards. When you use this strategy, you can attain two stars from every base your approach. We usually use: Troops. Three Golems, Four Witches, 10 to 15 Wizards, 5 to 7 Barbarians, 10 to 15 Archers, 12 to 22 Wall Breakers. Clan Troopers. All Wizards or Golems. Spells. All raids are different, so choose what’s best for you. All spell types work with this strategy, so don’t worry. Do your own thing. When at Town Hall 9, I used 3 Rage spells and 1 Lightning spell. Now at Town Hall 10, I’ve gotten good results with 2 Rage spells, 2 Freeze spells and 1 Lightning spell, a combo that works well for dealing with the Infernos. It’s your game, so make changes depending on which base you’re attacking. Use the Archers and Barbarians for luring Clan troops. Use Wallbreakers for your ground attack strategy since they provide the best time to reach inside the core. A Lightning spell can be used for clearing Clan troops. A Rage spell works great to help you get into the core as quickly as possible. So how do you choose which bases to attack? If you’re using Hogs to attack, you need a compact base. But GoWiWi is just the opposite, so you need a village that’s spread out. Your Golems and Skeletons need space to breathe (if you’re looking for a strategy for a tighter base design, check out our guide to […]