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Here’s something you may not realize: while some people are better housekeepers than others and some people pay more attention to small details like changes in their homes over time, every home is potentially susceptible to toxic mold. And no matter how bad or good your housekeeping is, there are San Diego mold removal professionals who can come in and assess whether you have a problem with mold and determine what can be done about it.

At first glance, it may appear there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the structure of your home. But mold can creep into any kind of home at any time. While those that aren’t cleaned regularly and thoroughly may be particularly susceptible, the most common cause of mold is a leaking roof, flood damage or water damage from a malfunctioning air conditioning unit or other appliance. In many cases, cleanliness has absolutely nothing to do with it.

No matter the circumstances, mold can be a very serious health concern for you and your family. Yet it sits in a corner of your kitchen or bathroom unnoticed for days, weeks or even months.

But when you live in a home with a mold — even a small amount of it — you can show symptoms of mold toxicity. Mold exposure symptoms include fits of sneezing, red and irritated eyes and problems breathing. But everyone’s body reacts differently, and you could experience a different set of symptoms. No matter the symptoms, they aren’t something you want to experience, and you need to get your home tested if you have even the slightest indication that mold could be causing your health problems.

Mold testing can determine whether mold is present and how bad the infestation is. Plus, some mold types are more dangerous to human health than others, and having a professional do mold testing is the only way to determine what kind of mold you have. All testing must be done by professionals for accurate results.

Orange Restoration can then provide advice about the most sensible ways to remove the mold in your house. We can discuss cost, containment during the removal process and other issues with you once we assess the situation.

After the mold is gone, you can make sure actions are taken to prevent it from returning. These include improved ventilation, good hygiene, repair of leaks and more. You don’t want mold to recur in your home, and you don’t want to have to start the mold remediation process all over again.

While having mold in your home isn’t necessarily catastrophic and isn’t something about which you should lose sleep, it needs quick and decisive action to remove it, prevent regrowth and make sure your home isn’t susceptible to the problem in the future.

When you establish a low-humidity home with no leaks and avoid floods and other water damage, you’re establishing a home where mold won’t be a problem for you. While mold spores in the air can never be completely eliminated, mold growth in your home can be stopped and prevented so that you can your family can maintain optimal health for years to come.

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