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Detox & Nutrition

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See the video: http://vimeo.com/34087631 Renee: How to educate your patients and your staff on how to detox and cleanse with nutritional supplements.  This is sponsored by Tom Boyce representative of Atlantic Medical and Sentra. The reason we are doing this webinar is just to help you learn more clinical education and to inspire you top bring nutrition into the lives of you patient. This website or this webinar is intended for health care professionals as yourself and will be providing you with information on how to make informed and health lifestyle decisions regarding nutrition.   The overview is to learn about nutritional supplements and how they can make a positive impact on your health and to also gain knowledge about how to educate your patients on proper nutritional supplements that Weill help them lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m going to turn this over Tom Boyce right now to give us a little overbid on Sentra.   Tom are you there?   Tom: Yes I am here. I would like to first of all thank Renee for hosting this event and doctor George for speaking. One of the key things we do with Sentra is we wanted to develop a  program  that was topic driven instead of nutrition driven and that’s where our detox which you are going to be talking about today  is vital component in that clinic but detox  is very  important  and it also be aspect too [coughs]. As doctor George  here talk about the detox and  how you  it can be  effective we would  like you to know that Sentra does have a detox component available  for the doctors and  it is available through Atlantic Medical . The best part of it is its highly marketed through Care Vision so you have a digital component to thing […]

Toxic World P6

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Here’s some acknowledgements where I got most of my information.  Here’s Our Toxic World by Dr. Doris Rapp who was my allergist when I was a kid.  I have allergies, and that’s where I got most of my information about allergies.  I learned from her books.  You have some neat stuff on her site.  This is her book.  It’s got everything there.  It’s broken down into everything.  Great book. I got this one when I started looking at the pesticides, the fungicides.  What type of things can you do naturally.  This is the website that comes up.  Right there, getset.com.  He’s got a company.  He’s got a couple of natural patented products that you can use, some natural products that you can use. Apex Energetics, oxidata.com.  That’s a company that came up with that lab test.  Cancer Decisions Newsletter.  I didn’t talk about that today because it was a little too extensive.  Drkaslow.com, I got a little bit of information off his website off metal toxicity and poisonings.  Detoxamin.com, I already told you about that.  Clinical Pearls Research.  I talked about that. Then, Detoxification/Weight Loss, I got off Dr. Tent’s lecture. Did anybody fill out the form to get tested tonight?  I’m going to do a lecture on sound health, for people that came in late. I’m going to test just two people.  Anita.  Who’s Anita?  I don’t know what your problem is, but tell everybody what your problem is.  You forgot to write it down.  I’m Dr. Krygier.  What’s going on? If I don’t take vitamins. You don’t take vitamins? [1:27:02] Now, have you had any blood works or anything done recently? No. Now, let’s test you.  Come over here.  I picked out three specific tests for today.  Hold your arm as tight as you can.  I’m going to […]

Toxic World P5

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I pulled this out because people like to bring their own supplements in and have me test them all the time.  There’s no way of me knowing.  I’m not going to make an educated guess about a product that I know nothing about, but we only use the products in the office that make sure that things are really in the bottle or the label.  This is a big, big issue in America.  You probably wouldn’t be able to get away with this in Europe because they use pharmaceutical grade product.  In America, you don’t know if you’re getting the stem, the bark, the leaf, or you’re not getting anything like one study I’m going to show you. Is it really in the bottle?  They want to make sure of that.  There’s plenty of research showing that herbs support normal functions in the body, but this is a study right here they did at the pharmacy school at the University of Maryland on 32 bottles of chondrosamine sulfate.  They found that only two of the products met the label claims in chrondrosamine sulfate.  In fact, they said that 14 of the 32 bottles contained 10% or less of the amount claimed on the label.  So, when you’re getting a product from our office, you’re getting more than what it says on the label or exactly the same.  They’re not going to skimp on the numbers because if you take 10% away from all those bottles that they produce, that’s one extra bottle. Here’s a study on less than 30% of the label claims.  It says they evaluated 51 antioxidant products.  It’s one thing to have a bad test on an OxiData test to check your free radicals and try to use antioxidants.  It’s another thing to say, “Can I use […]