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Toxic World P6

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Here’s some acknowledgements where I got most of my information.  Here’s Our Toxic World by Dr. Doris Rapp who was my allergist when I was a kid.  I have allergies, and that’s where I got most of my information about allergies.  I learned from her books.  You have some neat stuff on her site.  This is her book.  It’s got everything there.  It’s broken down into everything.  Great book.

I got this one when I started looking at the pesticides, the fungicides.  What type of things can you do naturally.  This is the website that comes up.  Right there, getset.com.  He’s got a company.  He’s got a couple of natural patented products that you can use, some natural products that you can use.

Apex Energetics, oxidata.com.  That’s a company that came up with that lab test.  Cancer Decisions Newsletter.  I didn’t talk about that today because it was a little too extensive.  Drkaslow.com, I got a little bit of information off his website off metal toxicity and poisonings.  Detoxamin.com, I already told you about that.  Clinical Pearls Research.  I talked about that. Then, Detoxification/Weight Loss, I got off Dr. Tent’s lecture.

Did anybody fill out the form to get tested tonight?  I’m going to do a lecture on sound health, for people that came in late.

I’m going to test just two people.  Anita.  Who’s Anita?  I don’t know what your problem is, but tell everybody what your problem is.  You forgot to write it down.  I’m Dr. Krygier.  What’s going on?

If I don’t take vitamins.

You don’t take vitamins?


Now, have you had any blood works or anything done recently?


Now, let’s test you.  Come over here.  I picked out three specific tests for today.  Hold your arm as tight as you can.  I’m going to push down.  Good.  Any problems with your neck?  Now, hold tight.  Now, let’s test her.  Let’s see how good of a tester she is.  Hold strong.  You’re supposed to test good for an apple.  Hold strong.

She’s a good tester.  Now, let’s try to go over a few things.  Hold tight.  How long have you had those glasses?  They look brand new.

Since second grade.  Well, I’ve had these glasses for about.  They’re new.

Yeah.  I could tell.  Hold tight.  Now, I talked about the glass thing in my one lecture about digestion.  Most people that have bad eyes have bad protein digestion.  They’ll always benefit from a protein enzyme supplement because those little muscles in the eyes need to be fed with proteins.  If you can’t break them down, they can’t be fed.

So, no matter what the age as long as you’re wearing glasses?

Well, she started young.

I was just asking.

Yeah.  There’s probably other areas.  Mercury can cause haziness, but there’s different areas.  Hold tight.  Right side.  Left side.  That’s why that’s poster’s there.  Hold tight.  There’s really no fatigue. Here’s your thyroid.  Here’s your Bs.  Here’s your hormones.  Now, tell me about your hormones.

I have them?

Your hormones bother you at all?  Hot flashes? Hysterectomy?

No, no.

Hold strong.  Good. That’s her master hormone.  Something’s got her irritated, emotional.  That’s a master hormone reflex right here for the hypothalamus.  Hold strong.  That might be for her eyes.  We don’t even know that.

I see people that are run down, fatigued.  Master hormone is a common problem.  I’m going to check her for iron.  I’m going to check her liver.  Then, I’m going to check her for something else.  I know, it’s weird.  That’s the reflex.  I just have to put this finger in my face.  Three, four, five. That’s for sympathetic endowment in females.

She’s nervously fatigued.  That happens in females.  You run yourself into the ground, and then you’re exhausted.  Do you have any stimulants?  Coffee? Teas?

I’ve tried not to recently, but I did quite a few six months ago. 

Hold tight.  You like Mountain Dew?

No, I used to do. 

I feel like people that drink Mountain Dew have attention deficit disorder.  I like Mountain Dew.  Good.  Let’s check her heart.  Her heart could be tired.  Hold tight.  Good.  Now, let’s her chemical reflex, her environmental reflex.  Hold tight.  Anything you’re touching.  What do you do for a living?

I’m an insurance agent.  Housewife.

Are  you having fun doing that?


What type of insurance?

Any type of insurance.

Now, you test for anything sensitive in your environment, you’ll test through that hand.  Anything you touch.  Do you have allergies?


You have allergies to something.  Either that or you’ve been juicing yourself up too much.  Hold tight.  Do you juice?


Hold this for me.  I keep taking you apart.  Build you back up.  Check her for anemia because that’s common.  Hold tight. Hold strong.  That’s not too bad.  Check this liver right here.  Positive, negative.  What else can I test you for fatigue.

So, basically, we have her hormones a little it.  She has good hydration.  I think your pH is off a little bit.  She’s creating too much histamine in her body.  Good.  Do you have all your parts?  Good.  I have to ask that.

So, I’m going to place her on that Simplex afrin.  I’m going to do three twice a day on that.  She tested for two and two on that.  She’s probably a little bit emotionally drained, irritated.  That’s where that reflex goes.  That will make her tired and fatigued.  I want her to do that pH thing for what’s coming down the pipe for allergies and sensitivities.  Other than, pH and her hormones are off.

Sounds good.  Thanks.

Alright, let’s check somebody with a heart.  Agnes Packwer.  Come up here Agnes.  Alright, Victorene Keith.

She’s got eczema.  Do you have eczema bad?

Yes, really bad. 

Put your arm out tight.  Good.  Anybody with eczema, skin conditions always has allergies.  Let’s see how good you test.  Turn this over.  Where is your eczema the worst?


Your legs are bad?  Have they been that way all your life?


Really.  How long as your husband passed away?

Nine years.

That’s too bad.  It started back then.

My back was covered head to foot.

Alright, let’s see.  You’re a smoker?

Uh huh.

Hold strong.  You smoked before you had eczema right?


Hold tight.  Right. Left. Staph, Strep.  There’s yeast. Up and inch, over an inch.  Check her liver.  I’m going to get her on the kidneys, especially the left kidney.  Positive negative.  Kidneys.  You know what’s good about that DeTOXamin also is that when you do an IV chelation over a three hour period, that turns over the kidneys.  That dumps a lot on the kidneys and liver.  When you’re doing that DeTOXamin, that’s only have the speed. So, it’s lighter on the kidneys and lighter on the liver over a period of time.  It takes 80 minutes, which is good.  It made me think when I was checking her kidneys because the first thing that people will mention is that IV chelation is tough on kidneys and the liver.  You don’t what that.  That’s why they covered for that.

Kidneys.  Good.  Sometimes that leg will be swollen.  Let me see your leg a little bit.  Alright.  It itches a lot of nights?


Eczema, psoriasis, all that.  You had mites?

No, that’s what they told me.

Vitamin C will irritate that.  Two, four, six, eight.  She’s a nine.  I want to clean out her kidneys.  I got to do something for her kidneys.  Just the Arvanex.  Do you drink enough water?  No, you don’t need that.  Hold tight.  There’s her heart.  There’s her hormones.  Good Bs.  We’re going to play her kidneys, especially her left kidney because that might be irritated for her probably not from smoking, but hopefully your kidneys will help dry or pick up some of that eczema or psoriasis from your legs.

I just want to do her left kidney.  We’re going to do five Arvanex twice a day. We’ll do that for two weeks, then we’ll see how that kidney does with the itching.

I’m taking [1:40:34].

Good.  That’s good.  That helps tremendously if you have any type of inflammation or anything, especially a skin condition.  Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Does anybody have any questions?

Dr. Krygier, is that eczema, psoriasis and all that, aren’t they in the autoimmune system?

Right.  It’s from cortisol levels that can be from the allergies.

Yes, but isn’t there something she take for the immune system?

Yeah, I mean there’s a lot of different things, but the kidneys are the ones that are testing.  So, I would do the kidneys before because if the kidneys aren’t working, it doesn’t matter what you do.   I would rather have her clear her kidneys and liver, and then she could do the IAG.


It started right when her husband passed away so it’s probably some emotional thing, too, but psoriasis is the cause of many things.  I remember when it came out in the news that chromium cures psoriasis.  It worked in like one or two patients, and then there were like 500 different variables that can cause that.  So, you’re right.  Doing the immune system, making sure her kidneys and her liver are cleared would definitely help her, but form the muscle testing, just her kidney right now.

Okay, any other questions?  Yes.

On the accuracy of the hair analysis, I switched out my hair spray to Herbal Essence.  I had a hair analysis, and I found out that they had arsenic in there.


And as soon as I stopped it, the next hair analysis, no arsenic anymore.

Here’s another sneaky arsenic thing that’s coming in through the diet which I found is in a medication that they’re using on chickens.  I found it.

One of the things also that you brought up about deodorant.  When I had this testing done before, I was high in aluminum, and I think it was partly due to shampoo and deodorant.  So, I just use that crystal alum, which is different, and then it allows your body to sweat a little bit. 

Alum sounds like aluminum to me.

I asked them.  I said the same thing, and they said it’s different so.

I’d ask how?

Well, you call them and tell them because you know the questions to ask.

I use Speed Stick, so I don’t ask anyone questions because there’s no aluminum in there.  Yes?

I had something that’s a little bit untrusting.  Dr. Tent was unable to figure out why I was toxic with the aluminum, and after getting everything out in my life, looking at eye makeup, they put aluminum elements into anti-cake for biscuits and all sorts of stuff.  I’m a dental hygienist.  For eight, nine hours, I wore gloves with powder in them.  Now, I don’t have any problem. I talked to Dr. Tent’s dentist, and he said, “It’s high with aluminum.”  He uses the same gloves I did.  So, I don’t know what happened with that. 

Being on medication for that.  Being on cortisol and these creams.  This is what’s going on.  Here’ the arsenic.  There’s the news.  Seventy percent of commercial chicken that’s eaten in the United States are fed roxazone, a benzene arsenic compound.  There’s your fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides, also parasites, and one guy tested for arsenic in Vietnam.  Then, medication, water, and seafood.

Then the other one is the wood.  They call it Paris Green.  It’s a wood preservative they’re putting on there.  Heat that wood up, and you’ll absorb that stuff.  Other than that, if anybody else wants to talk, I’m here after.  Thanks for coming tonight, and my next lecture is on sound health.

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