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Cancer Free Detox

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See the video: http://vimeo.com/61435550 Good evening everybody welcome to this particular webinar this evening on Do I Need to Detox In Order To Prevent and Treat Cancer. My name Dick Tom. I am the co-founder and medical director at the American Centre for Biological Medicine here in Scottsdale Arizona where we have a beautiful day. What we’re going to be taking about this evening is a variety of things. This will be quite fast past .I already given you an overview of detoxification and the need for detoxification as its happening. So we are going to be talking about what is health , what is disease, why do people get  sick , what  is  detoxification , what is cleansing , why would one need to detoxify , who should detoxify , how do we detoxify and what does the detoxification treatment  plan look  like . So the origins  of detoxification of course have  been used for thousands of years,  in fact fasting is one  of the oldest therapeutic  practise of medicine. Hippocrates the ancient great father of western medicine 500 BC recommended fasting as a way to improve health. It’s nothing that is new, it’s is something that has been recognised and certainly has been done for an extremely long period of time. Amravati medicine with roots in India is certainly a traditionally healing system also that utilises detoxification methods for the management of the chronic diseases. Look at what health  is and if we had the ability for  interaction we would write down and say what  do  you think health  means to you and we can look at what the World Health Organisation have said, what they have said this and this and this is not  new  it was written in 1948 and  they really haven’t changed  it since […]

Detox & Nutrition P3

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Some of the food sources, bark what flour is actually really popular in Russia and it 400 grams, it has 253 milligrams grams of magnesium. Artichoke, black beans, spinach. Please make sure that you keep an eye on the real function of the patient and if you have some patients with some real issue please be care about the supplementation of magnesium because it can over load them. That’s really important to keep in mind. Now you may say and I hear it all the time, hey listen why do we need to take supplements if we can eat buck wheat or artichokes or <> or whatever. You may be right , maybe 150 years ago  I would say hey you are 100% right who cares just eat it  but as of right now and  you can actually read about it and talk about  it a lot is the  nutrients are lacking  essential  micro elements and vitamins because of the processing of the food, because of how the food is  grown now a days , because the  soil is  depleted . So where you tell me how this buck wheat is going to get magnesium if it’s not on the soil. If there is no components to make that little thing. The same with the artichokes and the <>.   So our food unfortunately is depleted of   very critical essential nutrients so nowadays   the supplementation that is what you really need to explain to your patients that supplementation today plays more role that it ever had in the history of humanity. We do now get enough of what we need. Some of the stuff that we eat, look hat this we are talking about glutathione for glutathione, we talk about parsley and what not.  Yes they are all good and […]

Detox & Nutrition P2

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    So guys glutathione, glutathione and glutathione this is really, really importunate. French study actually shows that   people who are differing in vitamin D may have problems with decrease glutathione levels, Do vitamin D increases glutathione levels in the brain. It actually my help production of glutathione. Vitamin D is important so go in the sun and play. It gets your vitamin d going.   Sources, how we gain actually get this glutathione going. First of glycine comes from whole grains, fisher meat, cysteine comes from glutathione, glutathione comes firm raw spinage and parsley. Science actually shows that you can eat all of them butt problems is bio viability and everything sis seo easily destroyed by the cooking .Like cysteine in glutathione is almost none existing by the time you boil the glutathione, the only good source of raw spinage and parsley. When you use raw spinach and parsley you actually get quite nice amount of glutamine but other than that whole grains not enough, good but not enough   Now we come to the important supplement that can actually help you provide enough system to start building good amount of glutathione. We are talking about the bio active wheat protein   that comes from the milk. It is actually the bio product of bioactive cheese production. When they make cheese, you know that liquid that stays that’s where the wheat protein is. Its concentrated, the viability is extremely high in cysteine and we found that wheat protein is been helix people with cystic fibrosis. Look at this with this after supplementation lymphoid boost glutathione levels increase by 46.6% from the base lien. Hinge. So we brought concentration and there is supplements available with the wheat protein. We will provide enough amount of cysteine to build glutton. Those are some […]

Detox & Nutrition P2

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Let’s talk about steps on how we actually get there. Let’s talk about antioxidants .Antioxidants, there are  so many  of them but the main role that antioxidants play  in our body is first prevention because you  need to actually  balance oxidised , low antioxidant function because oxidation  is what cancel the toxins , it gets oxidized  and antioxidants are actually remove that group and removing their free radical .  Interception is a local antioxidant level there, they are important too that and repair is mostly enzymatic. So we have enzymes that actually work on the repair of the damage but again keep in mind if you overload that system you might have some issues.   Important oxidants there are many of them and really they’re a lot of them but I’m just going to cover the most important ones. It is you’re accurate which your basic Vitamin C is and you are looking at the glutathione and you are looking at the tocaferrals. Those which is your Vitamin E and those are the most important antioxidants.     We’re looking at what are their functions, what are their roles? First of all Vitamin E, ascrovates, beta carotene. They work on prevention and I will go over in just a second of how it works. Vitamin E along with glutathione and SOD, which is you superoxide dismutase they work on the interceptions of those free radicals.  Then we go into the repair of the damage. We have the DNA repair system which we have <>. Those are the three mechanisms of how these things work.  Look at this vitamin E will actually protect the liver from the cell membrane so the by layer, Vitamin E actually creates that barrier that first grabs those free radicals as they attack the by layer […]