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Detox & Nutrition P2

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So guys glutathione, glutathione and glutathione this is really, really importunate. French study actually shows that   people who are differing in vitamin D may have problems with decrease glutathione levels, Do vitamin D increases glutathione levels in the brain. It actually my help production of glutathione. Vitamin D is important so go in the sun and play. It gets your vitamin d going.


Sources, how we gain actually get this glutathione going. First of glycine comes from whole grains, fisher meat, cysteine comes from glutathione, glutathione comes firm raw spinage and parsley. Science actually shows that you can eat all of them butt problems is bio viability and everything sis seo easily destroyed by the cooking .Like cysteine in glutathione is almost none existing by the time you boil the glutathione, the only good source of raw spinage and parsley. When you use raw spinach and parsley you actually get quite nice amount of glutamine but other than that whole grains not enough, good but not enough


Now we come to the important supplement that can actually help you provide enough system to start building good amount of glutathione. We are talking about the bio active wheat protein   that comes from the milk. It is actually the bio product of bioactive cheese production. When they make cheese, you know that liquid that stays that’s where the wheat protein is. Its concentrated, the viability is extremely high in cysteine and we found that wheat protein is been helix people with cystic fibrosis. Look at this with this after supplementation lymphoid boost glutathione levels increase by 46.6% from the base lien. Hinge. So we brought concentration and there is supplements available with the wheat protein. We will provide enough amount of cysteine to build glutton. Those are some reference if you would like.


Now let’s talk a little bit about inflammatory. Time magazine back in 2004 actually called Inflammatory the secret killer. So Inflammatory is becoming huge. We are eating pro inflammatory food. How does it work, what happens with the inflation?  You see food that is rich in academic acid. Arc Adonic acid is one of the stages here if you see in creating prosaic glands  which are your Inflammatory  You look at the  right t side of the panel and you will see  that glutathione is there present n in transforming locating A4 to c4. So glutathione is part of the inflammatory response as well. How do we manage Inflammatory? What is the main thing that we go to the medical doctor when you have inflation, what are they going give you? Ensues, yay let’s take medication, aspirin and stuff like that.  Is it any good? What is it going to do?  See the thing is that Ensues will actually decrease the inflammatory because they will block cox 1, cox 2 production but   the side effects. When you talk about his side effects of that stuff is it worth it? It actually will decrease the stomach lining we know that and ulcers are one of the major complication. So what’s the alternative? The alternative is actually natural ways. We look at the omega threes which   are you essential fatty acids and what they do is they actually will increase the PG 1 production which is your inflammatory stimuli. They will offset their production, will production of cox 2 production. GLA will increase PG1 Production as well. Vitamin E is actually cool. It actually rehearses the increase of cox and PG2 which were your pro inflammatories. Another real cool guy is ginger. I personally like ginger and it actually has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. It will inhibit your cox 2 and <>. Kirkumen, anybody likes Indian food? Kirkumen actually block again cox 2 production. Those are some lab studies done on that. Those things are important. If you like eating Indian food the Kirkumen is part of the turmeric action so we will talk about it in a manure. Willow bark, the willow bark retract has been known to humans for 400 BS was the first time the patients were actually told to chew on the willow bark. That thing is so bitter so nobody is going to chew on it now but Hippocrates actually written some n work on that back in 1900, so the 5th century BC and the willow bark actually has some medicinal properties.


See what happens with the willow bark, what it does. Anybody heard of aspirin? That’s what it is. Saladin is actually the active component of the willow bark. Saladin in our body is transformed into a salicylic acid. Silicic Acid is something that our body transforms into aspirin but we are talking about natural aspirin and we are looking at the block of cox 1 production. We are looking at the more organic and natural way of fighting inflation.


You see the interesting is there’s a bunch studies that actually have been done on that and one of them ii would actually like to present to you today is that in a four week, double blind placebo control study and given 210 people may not be a huge study but I think its large enough with lower back pain and they have been given two doses of willow bark extract an compared with a placebo. I always love when the studies are compared with placebo. Because that climates the question of how active and is it really working.  With the placebo the higher dose receive extra supply of 420 milligram of placebo and this group look at this 39% where pain free for at least 5 days of the last week of study. In the lower dose group 21% became pain free so it actually works.


In contrast on the 6% on those given placebo became pain free. That is a good indicator that the willow bark extract actually is working. Stomach distress did not occur in this study. The only significant side effect was that there was one allergic reaction in one participant given the willow. Again we talked about it. Just make sure that you ask for allergies, you ask for the companies, you do the history, you do homework on the patient before you prescribe anything so I’m not going to repeat that.


Turmeric now this guy   is really awesome. Turmeric has been used in idiom medicine since 1900 BC and if you go to Indian restaurant the smell that’s kirkumen. What happened is that it’s been used for ever but the research in the probably second half of the last century showed that kirkumen was pretty much responsible for most of the biological effect of tumour? Some studies actually sugaltionese that there are wide potentials of kirkumen. The interesting thing is that they showed some of the effects … Indians do a lot of research on kirkumen and they show it in many different activates. They show it on the effects on the multiple myeloma, pancreatic cancer, and even some Alzheimer’s diseases. Colon cancer, psoriasis even. So the kirkumen actually has been researched quite well. In vitro and animal studies on kirkumen actually showed that it has some antioxidant, anti-arthritic activities as well. That was pretty interesting. Anti-inflammatory properties were noted.


The purpose and benefits

Look at this it has some anti-inflammatory action, some antioxidant action and some. Anti-Viral activity. Look at this 2008 study in Michigan state showed low concentration    of <> interfere herpes symposia virus so it’s been one replication. Interesting thing. Another thing is that the same study actually,   the same study in the University of Michigan I read it and it was pretty interesting. It showed that kirkumen inhibited activities of recruitment of RNA in the replication in the viral DNA. So the transcription of the viral and was actually slowed by kirkumen. Actually think about it we are thanking about the food and the spice actually that can affect and subscription. Isn’t that something else? Kirkumen acts as a free radical scavenger, it fights free radicals. It actually works as antioxidants as well so what it does   is that inhibits the lira peroxidation and the oxidised and damage.  See again kirkumen works really well with the glutathione. Glutathione transforms is part of the system.  Remember the part where I showed you were glutathione is part of the cascades for the Inflammatory when it transforms locating a4 to c4 that’s where the transfers is. It plugs them right there.  A lot of studies coming up in India on this.



Now turmeric protects stomach mining with inside juice. Protects heart from <> which is the medication for cancer. It may increase the effects of statins because on its own it actually decreases your LDL and increases your LDL. So go to Indian restaurant.



Turmeric drugs again let’s talk a little bit about the interaction of it, so what happens with the interaction?  We are looking at it may increase the bleeding time. When you have a patient anti-inflame-mitochrondriatory ensates be careful with that. More studies need for breast feeding  and kirkumen because of right  now there is not enough data  that shows that it is safe  for the breast feeding women and we are talking not eat or eat Indian food . We are talking about the contracted supplement because whenever you go to restaurant you get just a tiny bit but when you use it a supplement you can get the contrasted form so that is something to be considered.


Actually with ginkgo biloba it may cause bleeding, it may lower blood sugar it may interfere with <>. Another micro element that I really want to bring to your attention is magnesium. We   touch up a little bit on the zinc and copper but magnesium seem to be one of the most important microelements that we have and unfortunately that we actually don’t have magnesium and I will show you why. Magnesium is actually part of more than 300 enzymes. It is actually part of your APP production , you DNA , your  RNA , your nerve , your  heart function , your muscle function, That things is extremely important . This is the interesting thing if you look at the regular salt it actually will increase that and increase the origin cellular   pressure, magnesium chloride doesn’t do. The interesting thing here   guys is 68% 0f us are actually deficient in magnesium. So look at this I just said that magnesium is part of about 300 different enzymes. It’s part of our APP, DNA and RNA production so fi we arte differencing in magnesium see what happens. We are against decreasing or defines again the toxins because if we don’t have had the energy is low .need leas to say if we don’t have enough DNA   and RNA then ware in big trouble but we are basically by not taking enough magnesium in our   diets which 68% of don’t we are putting at risk function of over 300 enzymes and believe me most of them are included in your detox system. So magnesium is not a joke. Look strongly into supplements that are heavy that have magnesium as a part of them. That is very, very important.


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