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Cancer Free Detox

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Good evening everybody welcome to this particular webinar this evening on Do I Need to Detox In Order To Prevent and Treat Cancer. My name Dick Tom. I am the co-founder and medical director at the American Centre for Biological Medicine here in Scottsdale Arizona where we have a beautiful day.

What we’re going to be taking about this evening is a variety of things. This will be quite fast past .I already given you an overview of detoxification and the need for detoxification as its happening. So we are going to be talking about what is health , what is disease, why do people get  sick , what  is  detoxification , what is cleansing , why would one need to detoxify , who should detoxify , how do we detoxify and what does the detoxification treatment  plan look  like .

So the origins  of detoxification of course have  been used for thousands of years,  in fact fasting is one  of the oldest therapeutic  practise of medicine. Hippocrates the ancient great father of western medicine 500 BC recommended fasting as a way to improve health. It’s nothing that is new, it’s is something that has been recognised and certainly has been done for an extremely long period of time. Amravati medicine with roots in India is certainly a traditionally healing system also that utilises detoxification methods for the management of the chronic diseases.

Look at what health  is and if we had the ability for  interaction we would write down and say what  do  you think health  means to you and we can look at what the World Health Organisation have said, what they have said this and this and this is not  new  it was written in 1948 and  they really haven’t changed  it since then  It this state    of complete physical , mental and social wellbeing and merely  the absence   of disease or infirmity .

What we need to look at is as is statute of balance. The word that   has been coined is the words that is homeostasis. It was coined in the 1800s by a physician and we need to look at own what are the things in the body that we need to look at in order to try and maintain homeostasis.  We are just going to briefly touch on 5 important principles that if they are not imbalanced it is going to be very difficult to be health. One is the correct concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide. So obviously we are well aware of we breathe throughout the day 12- 15 times per minute day in, day out and as we are breathing in we are also breathing out and so we breathe in life giving oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide. If there is not  a proper balance in that and in  my experience many  patients who have a chronic illness there is not, we are  finding  often  in cancer patients that they have a lower than ideal  oxygen concentration in their blood  and as we  try to increase their  oxygen concentration  they struggle because of circulatory problems and a number in of their type of issues.

That’s a very unfortunate thing because cancer cells do quite well in an anaerobic or low oxygen consecration and so one of the therapies for cancer is to increase the amount of oxygen that you can get in, at the same time trying   to get out carbon dioxide. Many of you are probably familiar with the whole concept of alkaline acid base. We have water alkalises now with the idea to try   and make the system a little closer to being alkaline. Many patients with chronic illness we find that their tissue h state ted to be more an impassive state and so that’s a function of trying to get the metabolism correctly.

So it’s one thing to have the correct diet but you have to get the food in. So what is the actual concentration and  nutrients to gets to  the cell where they are actually  utilized and not just  a  function of eating them to  see if they are able to get what  we they need bit we also have to  remove also the waste product. Everybody think of salt as being bad but we should really look at it as extremely important electrolytes.

The sodium  in  chloride are important electrolytes  in your body as well as potassium and other electrolytes  and any improper imbalance  of those I am almost sure that you would have some type of variety signs or systems  that are problematic. The of course we need to keep the proper volume of fluid and pressure within our system otherwise swell up or otherwise we get very thin. These are the internal aspects when we are looking at the internal components of homeostasis.

Now we look at health therefore as this continuous balancing act. What you have inherited from your parents as a component that relates to it. The lifestyle that we have will it relate to it which of course  relates to what you eat , what you do and the job that you do and how much sleep you get and how water  you drink and those are both interplayed  by something called epigenetics which  we touch on in just a sec. In contrast to what is health we can ask what is a disease and if we break the word up into two it simple is di-ease. It is a dis-ease at any level, not just the physical level. it can be  an  emotional , mental , spiritual   or the physical  level   of course and verse health which is a continuous  balance unfortunately  dis-ease  is a continuous imbalance and the body is never  quite able to balance out the important  factors.

We can look at and we often do at our patient population and ask when does a chronic disease start? You know people might say I have end sic for weeks m, months in some cases they may say years. Most people don’t realise that most chronic disease however starts a very long time ago. In fact we now have the knowledge that the chronic disease starts at pre conception from an energetic imbalance and this obviously occurs long before there is any detectable signs or symptoms. A couple of years ago Time Magazine published an article, Why Your DA Isn’t Your Destiny.  We used think that what  we know about genetics is everything  and if you were fortunate enough to have parents who live through 100 years  old the  likelihood that  you could  live through a 100 was much better than  if  your parents didn’t like to that age , in fact may have died  much more prematurely of  some type of a chronic illness.


In fact we knew know  that that so not necessarily true and then time  published this one a couple of years ago with the  idea that the pregnancy itself has an impact on the rest  of your life which means it’s not just about mom it’s also how much does dad play  a role in this aspect . Then news week published this in  2010 The Sins of Your Grandfathers: What happens In Vegas  Can Affect Your Offspring and in fact  we know that’s true because  of this whole idea of epigenetics  and there’s a  pretty big study done in Europe a number of  years ago and just looking at one factor only and that’s the birth weight . Low birth rate for a full term  pregnancy basically by the time the person  grows up and gets to their  7th  decade of life , without any  other risk factors, we don’t talk about cholesterol , we don’t have to  about what they have to eat , we  don’t have to talk about their  blood pressure just the fact that  they were low . Low meaning less than 5.5 pounds they have a 2-3 times increase risk of cardio vascular disease.


The same can be said for cancer, specifically breast cancer. It’s know  that  Lowe birth weight girls below 5.5 pounds  or alternatively high birth weight about  8.5 pounds  have a n increase risk of breast cancer  later on  in their lives. So birth weight have a great deal to do with it. We have this idea that problems start long ago as  an energetic problem , eventually they may show up as a functional problem when you go to your doctor and he says look  we don’t find anything  wrong  and everything  seems ok but yet you  have these symptoms and if you await  long enough you end up with this  regional or something we can find on a lab test  over all .


This is the whole idea  of epigenetics that  we  are able to show and   prove that what happens as your cells are dividing  , as your genes  are replicating , what is going on can have a huge   impact on what happens later on line life including your future generations . This particular  research was done in Penn State  in 2000-20011 where  they  observed  poor childhood health increase the  morbidity  later on in life of   having  cancer, lung diseases , cardio  vascular  conditions and arthritis . So it is indeed true that the  health of  a child  pretty much determines what type of conditions that they are going to have later  in life . So we should ask why somebody get ill. We can look at  a number of common ones and I have asked this  question in enough  presentations and seminars  that I have done over the years so  I have sort of collected  this bit of information . Some people would say of course   the body is breaking  down  like   a cavity or   just [Inaudible] or we get an obstruction , a kidney stone , that is  obviously  very painful or  blocked arteries , they are well known to cause strokes and  heart disease and injury  of some form having  motor vehicle accidents certainly and an  imbalance of hormones, too   much , too little and not enough of the right one .


Malnutrition plays a role. One of the most common ones that people are familiar with are of course microbes. Particcualr viruses. We are just going through the flu season so we hear a lot about flu and clods and that kind of things.  Anybody who has  young children  in day care invariably they find that the  child  is not in day care for too long  and they will have a an ear ach or they have a cold or  runny  nose or they have diahorrea as these organisms get past around and then  the one we are going  to talk about is toxins themselves  and then it is now  known that stress pretty much contributes , there is a contributing hector  to virtually  all types of chronic diseases and then of course  we have the  life style choices that people will make that can  be a problem , When they will say bite  are they really the cause or  are they just a trigger of what the problems  is .

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