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Detox & Nutrition P3

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Some of the food sources, bark what flour is actually really popular in Russia and it 400 grams, it has 253 milligrams grams of magnesium. Artichoke, black beans, spinach. Please make sure that you keep an eye on the real function of the patient and if you have some patients with some real issue please be care about the supplementation of magnesium because it can over load them. That’s really important to keep in mind. Now you may say and I hear it all the time, hey listen why do we need to take supplements if we can eat buck wheat or artichokes or <> or whatever. You may be right , maybe 150 years ago  I would say hey you are 100% right who cares just eat it  but as of right now and  you can actually read about it and talk about  it a lot is the  nutrients are lacking  essential  micro elements and vitamins because of the processing of the food, because of how the food is  grown now a days , because the  soil is  depleted . So where you tell me how this buck wheat is going to get magnesium if it’s not on the soil. If there is no components to make that little thing. The same with the artichokes and the <>.


So our food unfortunately is depleted of   very critical essential nutrients so nowadays   the supplementation that is what you really need to explain to your patients that supplementation today plays more role that it ever had in the history of humanity. We do now get enough of what we need. Some of the stuff that we eat, look hat this we are talking about glutathione for glutathione, we talk about parsley and what not.  Yes they are all good and what not but look at the viability is so low ion there to begin with  but imagine these days  glutathione is not organic or the chicken didn’t eat the right food. So do you think that system level in that glutathione will be high or low? It would be even lower than low.  That is why it is so important to talk about supplementation to education your patients for why   those little bottles are very important, why we need to take the wheat protein instead of eating tons of glutathione. First of all if you eat a lot of glutathione your cholesterol level is going to be high but because the wheat protein is actually what is. It’s a stronger formula, it has a lot of things in there that it’s concentrated. So it delivers the amount that we need and increases the viability of cysteine which is your building block for glutathione. That exactly what’s happening with magnesium as well. We need to supplement.


Another really cool thing we start looking … you know that what the medical doctors are lacking that approach and see I’m a foreign medical graduate doctor, I graduated in the former soviet union and the thing is when we started our pharma-college, when we started talking about the chemicals like aspirin, Tylenol you name it we always were taught on herbs. I will never forget my professor always told us before you put patients on chemicals try nature. To me those are golden words. That’s how my family lives as of right now to. We always try nature   first and then if everything fails…. life is tough sometimes you have to go to chemicals.  There I no way around but try that nature first. Nature has a lot of medicine for you that we are not taking advantage of.



The willow bark, you think Bayer came up with aspirin. No willow bark came up with spitting. Now we look at his milk thistle, you know what growing up saw that thing all over the place. It’s one of the weed all over but what it does it will actually increase your glutathione levels but most importantly it provides the defends and regeneration for your leaver.  It protects the liver from toxins, it helps liver to rejuvenate. It is a very, very big and important hipoto-protector. We talk about when toxins enter our body we have the defines mechanism that may be overloaded, one of them is liver. we need to protect  that chemical factory because all the toxins  go through  liver, much detox is happening  in the liver , we need to  support that so we need  to help and relive that liver, to help protect  it .



Here’s the study work that has been exposed to vapour form toxins chemical tolien and zylian, there was a bad chemical. For 5-20 years were given either standardized milk which contains cylamene is the actual chemical which is the active ingredient of the milk thistle extract for 300 days. So we have the milk thistle extract or placebo. Let’s check this out. The work is talking the milk thistle extract   shows significantly improvement in the liver function task. So ALDNAST balances and decreased obviously. Platelet count went down versus the placebo. Milk thistle is actually very   strong hipoto- protector. In 2009 study  published  in the journal of cancer , milk thistle  showed promise  in the reduction in the liver damaging effect  of chemotherapy in a study  of  50  children .  Ruth actually has the link there. I saw the link on cancer online in 2009   has been published so it’s pretty interesting. So it’s very strong. Like I said we were taught like I said back in school about this.


Now let’s talk about probiotics. What happens is that won ewe  need to focus on the mitochondria system  so far we took care of  our antioxidants  because we just now increased  our levels of vitamins  c because one we are  all good , we are taking the vitamin  c . We are eating a lot of it. We are eating strawberries, we are eating parsley.  I don’t know about this coconut plum or whatever was the name of that thing. I don’t know about that one I haven’t seen it but we are already looking into that. We are looking into Vitamin E, we are increasing the levels of Vitamin E by taking the supplementation which is a good source of it. We are taking our omega threes.


Now we are looking into glutathione, we are looking into wheat proteins to increase that. Again we are reading a quite a bit of parsley, we are eating the raw spinage so we are good on that so we are busting up our antioxidants system. We are looking into milk thistle toot actually stabilises and provide protection    to our liver to help liver fight all those toxins. Now we are looking into the boosting up of our mitochondria system because if we are bombarded with those toxins all the time guess why so responding to it? The mitochondria system. The mitochondria system start session, it start going down, people become sick. How we do that? First of all we talked about this genius thing called glutathione which helps our mitochondria system along with antioxidants. We look at the milk thistle to actually boost up a little bit of our mitochondria system. It increases the glutathione level so it directly works on your mitochondria system.



Now we are going to talk abs out probiotics that actually will enhance your mitochondria system as well. For example astadofilus I’m sorry with an accent it’s hard to pronounce. It actually shows positive effect on the mitochondria system. It increases the cicada production, it increases the fad acidic activity and antibody production. Look at the supplementation with the probiotics. Look at this sub groups of astadofilus Anti-lavatory effect. Yogurt containing <> L1 can potentially reduce the risk for coronary heart disease and we looking at about 10% deduction by decreasing what? They decrease the cholesterol. So the probiotics and especially astadfilus is very important.


Now where do we get this   thing? Yogurt and supplementation. Now does any yogurt work? You know here’s the thing. the only yogurt which I personally recommended and wheat for the family  so the Greek style  yogurt where they’re  plain , nothing in  it , just the plain yogurt but even then   we’re still dealing with the milk, the milk that comes from  the cows that  are not eating right teen there you may not get enough of your pro biotic  and mainly astadafilus too supply enough flora for your gut to work properly so supplementation with <> probiotics again becomes more and more active   and more and more important now and that’s because of the quality of foods that we eat. Of course if you have your own cow and you have your own pasture and you keno that it’s so good you may get enough of that stuff but how much yogurt are you going to eat per day.


The supplementation of the probiotics becomes really important. Another thing we rank about anti-inflammatory.  This Boswalia guy, the is actually really, really interesting. This is actually one of those plants that has  jam combination of different effects , It works as an anti-inflammatory but also income small doses you see that on  the screen , small doses  actually provides you hipoto-protection . In large doses  it can be toxic to the liver so again  please make sure the dosage  when you are   working with any supplements , vitamins , minerals , I not care what dosage is absolutely critical . Its informant that a lot of times peel do not pay attention to dosage .Oh I take one pill two or ten who cares? We care! Look at the dosage because here’s a good example large dosages of Boswalia maybe toxic. Now interesting with Boswalia is that it also helps with asthma. Now you’d tell me why is asthma important, why do we care u about asthma? Because with air pollution and unfortunately I don’t have any statistical data here but you look as the air pollution goes up, cases of asthma goes up. We’re looking at the double blank placebo control study that has been done and Boswalia shows good results on patients with asthma. A lot of studies on those herbs come from India because they have been   traditionally use there for    centuries and centuries .Look at that method of action. It has actually been determined that it actually inhabits lucatrinsynthesis because of the fibroid oxidation enzymes and we are talking abbot the non-reduction here, so we don’t have any redox potentials.



Now   this is my favourite ginger, I would ask those of you are who are listening to us who likes ginger. I personally love ginger and I tell you what eat as much ginger as you possibly can in any form you possibly can. It doesn’t really matter. Grab a ginger powder and eat, grab a root and make it on the walk or whatever. The beauty about ginger it doubt, lose hold of its power as it   gets processed because I font think you can actually eat the root of it but just kind of grab and eat it like an apple but you can eat it in any form and its good for you because ginger will actually suppress the   protesglandasis because it blocks your cox 2. Also the same way it blocks the liprosingates because it goes through liprosingates is blocked. So we are talking about the mitochondria support so what do we have mitochondria support?  Antioxidants. We talk C, E, Beta carotene, glutathione, and the list is endless, and it’s huge. Fresh garlic is actually really good for your mitochondria support. I love fresh garlic. The only thing you don’t eat before important meetings or talking to patients may not be too good. Zinc, beta carotene.


So the bottom line here today is to maintain the detox state. We actually have to work on the reduction of Inflammatory, avoid the mitochondria food. Use anti-inflammatory which are natural. Watch your omega 6 or omega 3 balance. Increase your mitochondria, reduce your free radical inflation, incurs you glutathione labels. SO that   would be it for today and if you have any questions. So Renee go ahead and turn the microphone on. Thank you very much to listening to me I greatly appreciate it.


Renee: Ok I think you can hear me now. Thank you doctor George or the informative presentation. Its good information there and we will take any questions that you have   right now in the chat box not he right hand side of your screen. So if anyone has any questions you can type them in and we will give everyone a few minutes and we will see I we have any questions. I’m not seeing any questions right now.

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