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Detox & Nutrition P2

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Let’s talk about steps on how we actually get there. Let’s talk about antioxidants .Antioxidants, there are  so many  of them but the main role that antioxidants play  in our body is first prevention because you  need to actually  balance oxidised , low antioxidant function because oxidation  is what cancel the toxins , it gets oxidized  and antioxidants are actually remove that group and removing their free radical .  Interception is a local antioxidant level there, they are important too that and repair is mostly enzymatic. So we have enzymes that actually work on the repair of the damage but again keep in mind if you overload that system you might have some issues.


Important oxidants there are many of them and really they’re a lot of them but I’m just going to cover the most important ones. It is you’re accurate which your basic Vitamin C is and you are looking at the glutathione and you are looking at the tocaferrals. Those which is your Vitamin E and those are the most important antioxidants.



We’re looking at what are their functions, what are their roles? First of all Vitamin E, ascrovates, beta carotene. They work on prevention and I will go over in just a second of how it works. Vitamin E along with glutathione and SOD, which is you superoxide dismutase they work on the interceptions of those free radicals.  Then we go into the repair of the damage. We have the DNA repair system which we have <>. Those are the three mechanisms of how these things work.  Look at this vitamin E will actually protect the liver from the cell membrane so the by layer, Vitamin E actually creates that barrier that first grabs those free radicals as they attack the by layer so it’s like a border patrol there. Vitamin E is a border patrol , it grabs the free radical , gets it inside the cell along with the Vitamin E  and that’s where vitamin  c  your  ascrovates  meets Vitamin E and recycles e. It takes away the bad guy so Vitamin E can go back to the duty.


Now let me ask you a question even though I know you guys are all muted but you can ask yourself. What is going to happen to my cell on a cellular level if I don’t have enough Vitamin E? If I don’t have enough Vitamin C in my body what’s going happen. What is going to happen is that our border patrol is weak and the supporting staff which is you Vitamin C is weak so what happens you have an attack which is on met and that is a problem.


Regular Vitamin C, we don’t think much about Vitamin C. It’s so <>.  You know you got a cold , grab Vitamin C and you can chew  it , you can drink it , you  can do whatever you want  but it’s  so  important  if you think about it its extremely important. First this acts a reducing agent because what it dies it actually reverses that oxidation   in the occlusion because   Vitamin C as we all know is a water soluble vitamin versus Vitamin E which is your fat cell vitamin.  Also Vitamin C is also important in your hydrolication of procaine and when we are talking about the collagen synthesis and we know that if we don’t have <> from collagen we have gun disease, we have kind soft issues and scurvies is one of the major issues there.  Not going to go there but the oxidised role of Vitamin C is so critical that it cannot be overstated. So make sure you always keep you always keep your Vitamin C levels up. The huge concentration of Vitamin C within the mitochondria because in the mitochondria the processes of oxidation is happening.



DHA, whiz is you Docosahexaenoic acid is the form that is oxidized already and that’s the form that it actually is. So Vitamin C grabs the oxidated stress and becomes the DHA.  See what happens is you need the glutathione that I was saying to recycle it back to be an active form of Vitamin C because DHA is an active form. Look at this the brain is actually the largest reservoir m has the largest contrition of Vitamin C but the  key here is that  Vitamin C doesn’t cross  blood brain barrier so how does  it get   in there ? In that oxidised form. It goes to brain in the form of DHA and we need to have huge amount of glutathione to recycle it so that we have a clean, nice Vitamin C presented in our brain.  So you tell me if you don’t have enough levels of glutathione in our diet what happens? We get toxic and if we get toxic what happens? We get disease.


Key here guys we need to make sure we have enough levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, glutathione inform system. As I mention with glutathione you will hear tons for me today because glutathione is one of the most important. I can’t even overstate how important glutathione is for us so please make sure you work on that.


How does glutathione and Vitamin C play together? Studies show that Vitamin C actually helps maintain reduce glutathione in the blood. So they play together. One helps each other. Those things are really important. So I just came up with some interesting stuff as far as the plant source for Vitamin C for example. If you look into the cacao plum it has 3,100 milligram Vitamin C on the 100 gram of its body. I never seen it, never tried it but it’s huge. We always say grab a lime , grab an orange  , all these citruses they are  huge in Vitamin C but  look   at  this  parsley , our regular parlay has 130  mailgrams which is  almost  triple the amount of orange and quadruple  the amount of Vitamin C form lime .  Even strawberry is double in Vitamin C versus lime.


When you educate you patients on what to eat and how to relay the diet that’s what you can tell them. Oranges and limes are really important but oaf you look at the parsley and strawberries. I was surprised but there you go. Vitamin defect will cause scurvies , mainly to decrease ADP production  and over all  less energy for all  the inter cellular processes  mainly  in the wider mitochondria because that’s where  the Vitamin C is more active , in the mitochondria. Here’s the thing  the free radicals  are concentrated in the and the vitamin  c has  huge impact on heath of  our cardio vascular system , on hypertension , chronic  and   infla-mitochondriation . That’s what your Vitamin C is.


Juts au tip here streamlining and microwaving will actually minimize the loss of Vitamin C. Frying and any other boiling will actually kill Vitamin C. So steam and microwave. Now let’s talked about the next defence levels that we have in our body. Those are called dismays. Those are enzymes, they are actually catalyst for breaking down all of the free radicals. Superoxide dismutase, super ion into oxygen and hydrogen. So it breaks it into half and releases normal oxygen and normal hydrogen. It don’t actually create any radicals it actually gets them of course. There are three types of SOD. One resides in a plasma and the other in mitochondria and the third is extra cellular. Why I brought it up is because when you talk to your patients and you are explaining to them why it is important to have certain micro elements in our diet and supplementation for micro alimentation us very important. You can use the element of  SOD which is  your  antioxidant system  and for example  look at this  SOD 1 actually uses zinc and copper inside the molecule to stabilize  it . So if you are lacking zinc in your diet which quite a bit of us do and you’re not taking any supplements containing zinc you may be outing your SOD system in jeopardy.


A lot of time there is misconception among the patients and quite among of health care professionals that the micro elements are so small that we need only traces of them but in current diet that we have, the things that we eat, even traces are not sometimes present in their mouth that we actually need. So please make sure that you talked to your patients about the supplementation and people supplementation that actually include the microelements such as zinc and copper.


Look at the second one, the manganese, SOD is depended heavily on manganese because the manganese   is actually liking it together and holding it together creating the bridges. Look at SOD 3 again we are looking at the cooper and the zing. Glutathione, not let’s look at this monstrous antioxidant, the most important one. Glutathione is the most important cellular antioxidant. Glutathione is actually made out of three components, you have the glycan, you have gluttony and you have cysteine.  We have to have those three together to make the glutathione. Now let me ask you a question and this was asked before.  How do we get all those three together? We get it from a diet. Absolutely agreed we get it for the diet. So why don’t us just grab glutathione which preparations are available and it’s actually available in some of the foods that’s present and just eat, just grab a glutathione and just eat it. See what happens is the glutathione is not biologically available in the amount that we need because it doesn’t get absorbed as much as we need if we just eat it.


What we need to do instead we need to bring it in our body the most important components and build glutathione in our body. That the most   efficient way to do it. Now what does actual glutathione do? Glutathione direct neutralisation of free radicals?  It recycles Vitamin C and E so border patrol is in check, detoxifies manozenobiotics, which is your bad guys, your toxins so any foreign compounds that that’s called xenobiotic. We’re looking at both organics and inorganics. Twos functions that are here , you know the interesting thing is you can look at the glutathione functions in different publications  and I   think  the list is so huge about what it does that my  entire presentation could be just  on glutathione for 10 hours and it still won’t be enough . It is that important you guys.


Glutathione modulates our mitochondria system because it actually works on the antigen presentation to lymphasize. Not only glutathione is your antioxidants it is actually is your mitochondria support. Remember we talked about the goals that we need to achieve with our   detox system, detox program?  It is to improve the mitochondria system to work on the liver and decrease the Inflammation. So  glutathione in support  of  antioxidant system  so glutathione already right now works  as an antioxidants as well as imitochrondriaune modulation and helps  the inflammation system. It will actually <>, killing activity of T cells and natural killer cells, regular typosis. Basically glutathione is a huge part of your inflammatory system. It also works as the dank system and repairs, part of that .Protein, prostate gland and synthesis, amino acid transfer, bunch of enzyme activations. You will see it all.

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