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Detox & Nutrition

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Renee: How to educate your patients and your staff on how to detox and cleanse with nutritional supplements.  This is sponsored by Tom Boyce representative of Atlantic Medical and Sentra. The reason we are doing this webinar is just to help you learn more clinical education and to inspire you top bring nutrition into the lives of you patient. This website or this webinar is intended for health care professionals as yourself and will be providing you with information on how to make informed and health lifestyle decisions regarding nutrition.


The overview is to learn about nutritional supplements and how they can make a positive impact on your health and to also gain knowledge about how to educate your patients on proper nutritional supplements that Weill help them lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m going to turn this over Tom Boyce right now to give us a little overbid on Sentra.


Tom are you there?


Tom: Yes I am here. I would like to first of all thank Renee for hosting this event and doctor George for speaking. One of the key things we do with Sentra is we wanted to develop a  program  that was topic driven instead of nutrition driven and that’s where our detox which you are going to be talking about today  is vital component in that clinic but detox  is very  important  and it also be aspect too [coughs]. As doctor George  here talk about the detox and  how you  it can be  effective we would  like you to know that Sentra does have a detox component available  for the doctors and  it is available through Atlantic Medical . The best part of it is its highly marketed through Care Vision so you have a digital component to thing to help educate patient and you can staff on how to implement detox problems in office. I go back Renee.


Renee: Ok Thank you tom. A little bit about our speaker. Doctor George is a renowned educational speaker and   nutritional expert and he has always had an interest in holistic medicine. He believes he can achieve better outcomes through national remedies and that is his number one priority. We will get started her in a few moments. Just as a reminder this is h a web conference so you will not have audio capabilities as we will have you muted.  You will be communicating through the chat boxes on the right hand side of your screens. So if you have any questions w you can type them in and we will review them at the end of this segment.



So without further ado I will turn this over it Doctor George and will like to thank him again for presenting on our webinar today. Doctor George I’m going to turn the screen over to you.


Doctor George:  Thank you Renee, thank you tom, so wonderful to be here with all of you guys again. It was always a pleasure and let me get my PowerPoint up. I love holistic knowledge. Do you guys see my screen now?


Renee: Yes.


Doctor George: Ok. Let’s talk about the detox.  You know I was actually really , really excited when Tom offered and suggested  that we do webinar on detox because unfortunately as of right now there is not  whole lot of attention to detox right now and  we are getting literally  positioned daily .  Our bodies   have of course the great ability to adjust and cleanse and what not but systems may get overloaded.


First of all I want to make sure before I go any further  I want to make sure that we are all  on the same page , the information contained in this presentations only for educational purposes  and does not constitute as  medical  advice. Another warning that  always  do  anywhere is that please make  sure that you check when  you start using supplements  and minerals , herbs anything , for the interactions between the medication , herbs , vitamins and supplements  between them all each other because if you fail to do that the patient  may experience  severe allergic reactions. It may seriously harm patients and may even cause death.


I put a couple of the websites on there  so  you can go in there so double check md.com and emadfx.com and you can actually plug in the medication , plug in the supplements and see how they play together and the reason for this is that it is really important  to do that . Here’s the thing for example prolonged acids in take it will decrease the folic acid absorption, regular aspirin will decrease folic levels. Birth control pills decease D vitamins so those are the things that absolutely have to be taken in consideration. Magnesium is depleted with some antirythmitcs.


Look at this one grapefruit, our regular decisions pink grapefruit increases caffeine levels. It will decrease the absorption of Allegra in microlatanitbiotcs. It will actually increase actions of warfarin, statin drugs and benzodiazepine. With depressant which is your pain medication it can give you hives. That’s just the simple pink grapefruit.  That’s nature. But imagine if you fail to compare supplements which are much stronger, more concentrated than the regular grapefruit with any, medication or any other situation that the patient is taking. That might be some serious consequences. I urge you to actually make sure that you check that before you put the patient on the program.


Do we really need any detox? This is on the way so let’s talk about detox bit. Do we really need detox? Well here’s the things. Can you actually guess an answer? The answer is yes and yes with a capital Y because the things is look at this, the toxins are all over. They are all around is .Air look at how polluted the air is especially in the metapolitics in the big towns. What is pollution, pollution could be gas which are poisonous   to us or causes harm, some particles that can harm us as well, and some toxins that are there, heavy metals and so on. Medications, I mean the medications on their own they already supress our systems and they actually provide some toxicity as well and it’s a side effect so you know that. Food and I’m going to pause about it because we will think food, what’s wrong with the food and we think what’s wrong with the food? Well look at all the chemicals they put into food now days. All those pesticides they use on plants. Right now we are talking about organic food because now it becomes clear for people that there’s too much toxins are in the regular foods.


So food is one of the major sources of toxins. Water, you probably read a few years back where the government did I believe the testing on water and discovered I don’t know how many types of medication traces in the regular tap water. Those are the things we consume every day because we breathe mitochondria we eater and we drink water. Some of us think that we are not talking any medications but that’s the thing.


So the toxins are entering our body whether we want it or not. Again the great thing is we have the detox mechanisms in place already. We have our liver, we have anti-oxidants, and we have Inflammatory to fight all this. We got that. The things is we get  more and more bombarded  with that and what happens is the free radicals that are produced  in response  to the attack by toxins and Inflammatory they will actually get over loaded  in our detox system , overloading our liver , overloading our  immune system , overloading our free radical mechanism and that  will lead  us to a state of disease.


So the toxins are there and detox is their priority. Detox is number one priority right now.  See just couple of examples pro inflammatory foods for you <> and orthodontic acids reach foods. You look at refine carbs, how many refined carbs are there? You look at the food labels in the grocery store and most of it is sugar. There is the promotions for cereals, you look at cereals at the back of the cereals you see refined sugar there.  You look at the white rice which is absolutely useless. White bread because white flour completely removed of any nutrients, it’s all refined carbs. Soft drinks, you know I’m not even going to go into the soft drinks. Fry foods, we are notorious for eating a lot of fry foods. Saturated fats, the red meats, your cream milk, butter all of these stuff. Nobody is saying that you need to completely eliminate them r from your diet but you have to watch for it.


We need to have total balance of to have total balance of omega 6 and omega 3. Encage omega h to omega 3 is quite a large ratio. It should be about 5 to 1. Now it’s very close to 20 to 1. So these things are causing inflation. They are very important to Inflammatory. Look at the detox system so how does our body fight all those toxins that come our day every day. We have our  liver  that is a huge chemical plant that  processing and processing and detoxifying  a lot of  toxins  that enter. Interaction mechanism and our immune system of course.


See again it  will  get bombarded like every single day if  we  do onto take care of ourselves with for the   detox mechanism  with  proper nutrition we are  going to overload that system . Now what are the steps? How does this actual detox system work? See what happens is that when we get the foreign objects, the toxins which in this diagram would be R they can actually go through two different   pathways.


First this will be your phase one, that’s where we h have our free radical which is RO.  This is your free radical.  At the bottom with the hydrolysis reduction you go into hyrolication reaction that you would have sulphation which is basically your bad guy toxin is absorbed and saturated with acetylation and glucaration. Those certain things. That’s phase two. Now if you look at the phase one, under the arrow it says glutathione congregation.  Let me tell you the glutathione is one of the most important antioxidants in our body. we should be happy and grateful that it actually exist and we need to nourish and regenerate  it as much as we can  because if we have lower glutathione levels which twitch  so much toxin entering our  body are actually low we need to keep it up .


Step one we will look at the hydroxylation catalyse by satacrome P 450a and we look at the production of free radical


Step two is the glutathione, it actually grabs that free radical, attaches itself to it, neutralises it.


Step three:   It conjugates glutathione, they are metalized and excreted out of our body. Using our kidneys, using our liver.


As you can see it is all interconnected, everything works together. Now what is the solution, what do we do about? How do we support our body in helping it detox? We need to increase antioxidants, we need to work on anti-inflammatory because Inflammatory is cause by detoxing. We need to provide the immune support.

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