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I pulled this out because people like to bring their own supplements in and have me test them all the time.  There’s no way of me knowing.  I’m not going to make an educated guess about a product that I know nothing about, but we only use the products in the office that make sure that things are really in the bottle or the label.  This is a big, big issue in America.  You probably wouldn’t be able to get away with this in Europe because they use pharmaceutical grade product.  In America, you don’t know if you’re getting the stem, the bark, the leaf, or you’re not getting anything like one study I’m going to show you.

Is it really in the bottle?  They want to make sure of that.  There’s plenty of research showing that herbs support normal functions in the body, but this is a study right here they did at the pharmacy school at the University of Maryland on 32 bottles of chondrosamine sulfate.  They found that only two of the products met the label claims in chrondrosamine sulfate.  In fact, they said that 14 of the 32 bottles contained 10% or less of the amount claimed on the label.  So, when you’re getting a product from our office, you’re getting more than what it says on the label or exactly the same.  They’re not going to skimp on the numbers because if you take 10% away from all those bottles that they produce, that’s one extra bottle.

Here’s a study on less than 30% of the label claims.  It says they evaluated 51 antioxidant products.  It’s one thing to have a bad test on an OxiData test to check your free radicals and try to use antioxidants.  It’s another thing to say, “Can I use this product?  I think it’s going to work best for me because the guy form GNC helped me out.”  That’s fine, and that’s perfectly good, but I don’t know the answer to that product.  I only know what I’m using.  So, you could get yourself into a corner about spending extra money that you wouldn’t necessarily need to.  They found on this less than 30% of all antioxidant claims were met.  What is even more shocking is that 7 of the 51 products tested revealed no antioxidant activity at all.

They did a study on the product Echinacea like Dr. Ten talked in his lecture.  They tested on 59 Echinacea-only products.  Ten percent of the products tested contained no measurable amounts of Echinacea.  They said that the Echinacea found in each product was consistent with label claim in 52% of the samples so they didn’t even have the right species there.  Of the 21 products that were labeled as being standardized, only 43% met the quality standard designated on the label.  How can I dose a product that only as 50% of its value?

Here’s a research here on International College of Integrative Medicine.  Dr. James Short, a medical doctor, presented slides of off-shore material manufacturing plants.  He showed slides of processed and packaged and raw materials that had bacteria and molds.  He said, “The manufacturer provides product in respectable containers that are clean and safely sealed, but the conditions that are present before it reached the manufacturer hands are unknown even to the supplier of the raw materials.”

Real quick, Dr. Short said they checked for heavy metal content in parts per million of 11 glucosamine products.  The cumulative toxic level ranged from 10 parts per million to 2000 parts per million.  You have no idea what you are getting.  So, it’s very important that not only people buy the product but they research the product and run the correct tests on the product.  People say, “How come my product is so much less expensive than your product?”  Because there’s labeling because they’re meeting the labeling.  They’re paying for the testing and the standards.  They’re paying the legal fees.  They’re paying for the marketing.  So, you’re taking a chance when you don’t know what you’re going with.

Good manufacturing is important.  Tested raw materials.  Companies received assays from the supplier that they take on faith.  Invested to build and staff phytochemistry lab to test and screen for quality, potency, cleanliness, freshness.  Most manufacturers don’t have the capacity to test raw materials for heavy metals, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Here’s a mild detox program that I handed out so that everybody could see a little bit of what you’re getting into, what type of program.  This is like the most general program that everybody should do at least twice a year, once in the spring-summer, once in the fall-winter. It tells you, week one, you use this product.  Weeks two and three, you use this product.  Then, this is mild.  That’s the mild one.

If your gong ho about this, moderate.  You can avoid these things that might cause allergies or problems with your immune system plus you do the same thing.  Add 8 glasses of water, and you might want to add that Sp Green Food with it.  Then, this is the optimal detox.  Eat only raw fruits and vegetables, organic if possible and not cooked.  You do the Green Food.  You do the Sp Complete.  Drink 8 glasses of water.  So that’s how you do that one.

Now, these are the two products that we use, the Vitanox, which has the rosemary, the turmeric, the green tea.  This is Vitanox, vitamin antioxidant.  That’s what they named it after.  It’s a good product for blocking chemicals, pesticides, and hormones.  Sp Green Food, same exact thing.

I didn’t talk about the IAG.  Most people have chemical sensitivities and the cancer rate being at 1.4 to 2 people right now, they’re finding that the white blood cell count since probably 40 or 50 years has gone down about 2000.  So, it went from 7000 to 5000.  So, our immune systems are deteriorating so we don’t really have the tools or the ammunition.  This IAG supports the most primitive system to clean up and help with your immune system which are the natural killer cells.

Most of the people I see have been in Dr. Ten’s lecture when he talked about trying to deal with immune dysfunction and trying to increase your white blood cells, and do certain things to help increase your antioxidant levels and all that.

Here’s the DeTOXamin from World Health Products.  It’s a sample only.  This is such a breakthrough for people that just can’t afford it and just don’t really know how toxicity levels are becoming.  I mean, we have information at the office.  I have about three or four booklets here that talk about how bad toxic metals are and how their relationships are to the arteries, your heart, your brain, disease.  I feel that everybody needs to go through this program in America.  I’m going through it right now, and I think it’s a true breakthrough.  It allows people to get attention that couldn’t otherwise afford it.  What else do I want to say about it?  Obviously, it’s for heavy metals.  There’s different programs on it.  There’s different recommendations, but go to the website, detoxamin.com.  Go to the website.  Read about it.  Familiarize yourself with it.  They have about 50, 70 research journals in there and all the information and what’s tied to this product, how they make it, what’s released through the colon, how the vasculature works for it to get into the system, how it bypasses the liver.  I mean, all this stuff.  They got all this stuff. It’s patented. It’s very important for people to understand that.

So, if somebody comes in with a mineral test, and their body is too high in toxic metals.  A lot of times, we’ll just tell people, “Listen, you’re up the chart here.  You might want to go for IV chelation.”  There’s not a lot that we can do as far as a supplemental program because it’s going to take too long.  It’s going to cost too much.  You’re better off doing it the most efficient way, but doing this is the same exact thing except three of the suppositories equal one IV chelation.

So, this product right here has 30 suppositories in it.  Doing this for one month is like giving yourself 10 IV chelations.  Then, you take multivitamin to make sure you’re turning over the good stuff and not pulling everything out.  That’s something that I would go over for doctor-patient relationship.  That’s all I want to mention.  Yeah?

Is this one purchased right through your office?

Yup, right through our office, but get familiar with that.  Think about it.  They said 98% of all cancers were toxic chemicals. So, if you have the ability to remove these things, it’s amazing.  So, there’s a lot of answers in front of you.  I try to pick the information so that you would get the idea.

How to keep detoxification efficient?  Obviously, avoid allergenic foods.  I believe that we’re so allergenic these days.  Everybody comes in and says, “I’m allergic to sulfites.”  Well, what does that mean?  I’ve had two people come in today, “I’m allergic to sulfites.”  You can’t be allergic to sulfites.  It’s a detoxification phase.  You’re allergic to antibiotics, penicillins, different things like that.  You’re not allergic to eggs.  You’re not allergic to onions and leaks and all that stuff.  Those are all sulfur chemicals.  If you’re allergic to sulfur, you would be allergic to all those same things, too, and you’re not.  You’re allergic to the antibiotics is what it is.

Everybody’s like, “I can’t take a garlic supplement.  I’m so sulfur sensitive.”  Well, there are some people that are allergic to garlic, but it’s not the sulfur that’s getting you.  It’s the protein from the garlic.  So, that’s very important.  I see a lot of people that have allergies that also have chemical sensitivities because if you’re immune system’s not right, it’s not going to tag something correctly.

I feel that, if you have more than 3 or 4 allergies in your system, you’re running away from the problem by avoiding 10 foods.  I don’t eat this. I don’t eat this. That’s ridiculous.  You have to do a detox program.  You have to clean your system out.  You might have one or two things you’re sensitive to on a bad day.  Eat foods with colors.  The greener you are, the cleaner you are.  The orange, the yellows, the red and all that stuff.  I don’t know how you can be healthy and avoid acid-lowering drugs.  There’s no way you can do it.

You cannot stop your digestion.  Avoid acid-lowering drugs.  Somebody came in and was diabetic.  He was like, “I’m on Prevacid®.”  I said, “You’re body’s throwing up because it’s telling you it doesn’t want anymore food, and you’re taking Prevacid®. Because our diabetic and your sugar levels, you have plenty of triglycerides and you have plenty of storage to turn that over.”  You might be irritable for three or four days.  So, I said, “How can you take an acid-lowering drug when your body’s telling you the right thing?”  Four weeks, six weeks being on that, but being on that for a year, two years, three years?  You’re killing yourself.  There’s nothing on the research that says it’s supportive for you to ne on that for more than six weeks.

Avoid acid-lowering drugs, ear nutrient-rich, whole food and high fiber diet.   Chew your food.  I went to nutrition school, and that’s what I got from it.  Don’t eat salt.  Don’t eat fat, and chew your food.  Most people just scar their food down. A lot of times, I don’t have time to chew my food.  Avoid drugs.  Take a probiotic supplement.  There’s a lot of probiotics that you could use.  Cut down on alcohol and cigarettes.  Take designed supplements.  Take nutrition.  Take supportive things that you know will target your problem, and then strengthen liver function.

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