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Here was a patient that was on antidepressant medication that’s why their aluminum was so high.  They shut down the nerve activity between both sides of the brain.  That’s what those compounds do.  Arsenic was really high, too.  I couldn’t figure out why the arsenic was so high.  Bismuth.  Anybody that’s depressed, irritable, they’re nerves are on end.  They’re going to hit the Pepto-Bismol®, and they’re going to have bad digestion.  Her total toxic representation was huge.  I think her zinc-to-phosphate levels were low on her bottom chart.

Here’s another test on somebody that drink out of aluminum cans that has high aluminum.  They must have had a lot of dental work with this nickel here because nickel’s nasty.  There’s more cancers from nickel than I’ve seen from some of these other metals.

Now, we hear about free radicals, there’s different theories to cell damage.  Well, free radicals have made the most sense to everybody.  As I wrote down here, what happens is cell damage process called oxidation is the same process that causes our cars to rust and slices of apple to turn brown.  Free radicals happen normally in the body because cells have to break down, rejuvenate, regrow, and die.  There’s a modified turnover rate.  There’s a lot of free radicals, and everybody’s heart of oxygen species.  There’s all these different things out there.  They’re all different terms to say these free radical are damaging if they find proteins, if it finds your eye, your heart, your brain.  Whatever it finds, it’s going to cause destruction.

What I linked with free radicals are obviously any vaccines.  Any vaccination would cause free radical activity in the body.  Anything that’s going create inflammation, that’s a free radical reaction.  Any vaccines involved in that, any pharmaceuticals that are chemicals, any of the five toxic metals (cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, mercury, and lead).  So, free radicals do cause cell damage.  There’s a normal process in the body of free radicals normally that goes with aging.

The problem is that free radical’s only a theory.  In order for me to say that what I want you to test for is important, I tend to put some evidence down why and how free radicals can actually cause a disease in the body.  This comes from Science Ministry, and this is from Dr. Papas who was the senior scientific adviser of the Cancer Prevention Group.  He says that oxidized LDLs, which is a breakdown of cholesterol, actually cause atherosclerosis.  He says that free radicals causes DNA damage.  Anytime you start damaging the DNA, you’re going to get something growing that shouldn’t be growing.

Then, neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s have been implicated from free radical damage.  Ischemia, lack of oxygen to the heart, skin damage from photoaging, UV radiation, ozone and environmental pollutants.  Then, free radicals causing cataract.  Those are the main points from the research that mainly prove the evidence of free radical in disease.

Now, the reason why this is important is there is a simple test that you can do that I’ve constructed from a company that you can just take home and do in the privacy of your own home.  The test is called the OxiData test.  The Oxidata test enables the physician and the patient to determine the level of stress on the body caused by free radical activity.  People of all ages can benefit from knowing if they are getting enough antioxidants in their diets and nutritional supplements to prevent free radical damage to cells.”  This is the first test out to prove free radicals.  It doesn’t tell you what free radicals, but it tells you that more than normal are piling up in your body.  So, it’s telling you more damage is occurring than would normally occur in the normal aging process.  So, what does that mean?  That means something is acting as a free radical.  Chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, anything like that.

Free radical activity brings about good and bad chemical events in our bodies.  Excessive amounts of free radical activity in our body can disrupt the orderly activity of many important biochemical reactions in our cells which can expedite disease processes and aging.  These destructive processes may adversely affect the chemical balance of the cells.   The OxiData test determines the level of free radical activity in the body.  High levels of free radical activity may be decrease by consuming antioxidant supplements.

The test detects cell damage within minutes.  The accuracy is 50 times more accurate than doing a blood test.  There’s 90% accuracy.  If you follow the instructions, then accuracy levels go up.  The frequency of test, if positive for test, begin antioxidant program and test two times a month until normal.  For prevention, test every month.  I’m going to hand out six of these tonight, and there’s going to be a little chart in there.  I did this test about a week ago, and surprisingly, I was up here.  This test tells you it’s like the weather.  If you see the orange skies, it’s going to be beautiful tomorrow.  If you start to see the clouds come in, it’s probably going to be a bad day.  It’s the same thing with this.

If you start getting to 3, 4, and 5, your free radical activity is way, way too high.  There’s something that’s disrupting your immune system or causing your tissues to break down.  For more detailed information, go to oxidata.com.  It’s recommended to test every four weeks.  These are the people that are putting this out because they know how important this is.

I did mine, and I couldn’t believe how red that thing was.  So, now I have to go dig through and find out what I need to do for myself or what is causing that test.  So, I’m doing a program at the end that I’m going to talk to you about that I took.  I took the product for detoxification, and I did the test after.  That’s probably why it was so high.

Associated conditions that they recommend with the OxiData test, obviously fatigue.  Anybody that has a lot of free radicals or a lot of free activity in the body, the body’s going to be tired.  The immune system is burning up your energy.  You’re going to shunt all your energy to your immune system, and you’re not going to get a lot of digestion and nutrition.  Liver stress, kidney damage, headaches, PMS, cancer, arthritis, inflammation, allergies.  These are some of the associated blood work levels.  If you have any of these, most likely triglycerides and glucose, especially for the diabetics.  Diabetics have high free radical activity.  They probably lose their nerves.  That’s peripheral neuropathy.  That’s a free radical activity.  Eyes, cataracts.  That’s a free radical activity.  So, alkaline phosphatase, calcium; they have to do with cancer.  SGOT, that’s your liver enzyme.  Your body’s trying to handle something, and it can’t manage correctly, so it’s raised in the liver enzyme to try to offset that, get that out of your system.

Cholesterol.  When you see a cholesterol high, that’s a free radical activity.  What happens is your body tries to balance that out because cholesterol is the carrier for oxygen.  Whenever you have any infection in your body, your body will raise the cholesterol level to carry to oxygen so it can get the immune system to burn up the infection.

Lymphocytes.  That has to do with the white blood cells.  Eosinophils are white blood cells.  Then, your platelets.  If your platelets are high, you’re trying to produce oxygen, and there’s other things to do for that.  Other associated conditions are your MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s.

As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t fit in to this test, you’re doing alright.  There’s other issues and tests that are going to come out to be more sensitivity, but as far as detoxifying, this is a great tool to find out where you’re at and if the program you’re doing is adequate.

Here’s a sequence that I like to follow.  Everybody should get a hair analysis. See where you’re at.  It’s a good objective test that tells you what things you need to work on.  Obviously a detoxification program.  There’s about four or five different programs that you want to hone in on, depending on your situation.  Some people smoke.  Some people drink.  Those are different free radicals in the body.  There’s a lot of free radicals in the body, but the test will tell you it doesn’t matter.  If you’re smoking or drinking, it’s the same.  It’s causing a problem.  Do the OxiData test every week for four weeks.  That’s what I recommend on that.  Then, follow up with another hair analysis test after you do the detoxification program.

The nutritional support.  I have a program, the Sp Complete Purification Program.  That’s a general detoxification for the liver, kidneys, and gut.  That, in itself, does a good job.  Sp Green Good and Vitanox are the solutions I came up with to offset how everything is, whether it’s your vegetables, whether it’s your fish, whether you’re barbecuing every weekend because of different chemicals from barbecuing.  Sp Green Food and Vitanox are probably your best prevention for walking through life and not worrying about living in a bubble.  Do the best you can, logically and common sensically, as you learn more things, but make sure the Green Food and the Vitanox because those are your strongest things to prevent estrogen-mimicking things, plastic, some of our metals.

Here’s a product that I’m just bringing into the office.  It’s called DeTOXamin.  Basically, I don’t know how many people have heard of IV chelation where you put a product called EDTA, which is an amino acid, that acts as a claw and goes through your blood and chelates lead mostly.  In 1940, that’s when the Food and Drug Administration started using chelation the most.  In 1960, proponents and those that wanted to take a more active approach came into the scene and said this will help with this, this, and this.

There’s a product that I’m carrying in the office that works the same as IV chelation but at 30% the cost.  It’s a very good product.  I started using it myself.  I think that’s why my OxiData test came out so high, but this DeTOXamin, it’s a suppository.  It’s used at night.  It chelates in the middle of the night.  It’s more convenient because it’s non invasive.  You don’t have to sit in the doctor’s office for three hours.  You don’t have to pay for extra office visits, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.  It works very well because Dr. Halstead has the patent on that product.  He’s probably the proponent of chelation.  He’s like the father of chelation.

So, that’s a product I’m bringing into the office.  It’s a very important product, but there is some cost involved with it.  So, you want to make sure that you do a hair analysis, and depending on your situation.  If you don’t have that big of an issue, you might want to do this program, but if it’s really bad, you have certain issues, I think this would probably be the best bet in certain instances.  Getting into the price, most times insurance doesn’t cover IV chelation.  So, they usually recommend 20 to 30 IV chelations for diabetics or for certain tissue changes, but that could cost you anywhere around $3500 out of your pocket to do that.  If you want to do it under the DeTOXamin system, it would probably cost you aroung $700.  That’s why if you’re in the situation where your situation’s really bad and there’s not much left for you to do, hair analysis, OxiData, and then you can measure that change.

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