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Cancer Free Detox P3

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Detox is one thing desperation is another thing which typically the dictionary says is to become free of impurities. It is usually used for when we  are trying to get rid  of chemical s, pesticides  insecticides , [Inaudible] those types of things  and these xenon type  biotic compounds that are  there  are not normally found in the  body so the body has to figure out how to get rid of them . Drugs like nan antibiotics is really like a xenobiotic far as the body is concerned because the body is does not produce it nor is it part of the normal dietary so it is something that is definitely foreign so many medication portion ally have partially heavy metals and different types of chemicals that write definitely toxic to the body.


There e arte a number of techniques. Perhaps you physicians or therapies that you treat with will you or recommend a variety of these types of therapy.  They certainly involve achiliation therapy. Saunas can be a big deal and movement and massage and vitamins and minerals and substances wish we will bind up these antibiotics, we can monitor levels, and we can do infrared radiation using an infrared sauna. We know that the benefits of that I are  quote intensive , It can be one   of the things  which will help people Lowe their blood  pressure , you may obviously be able to  lose weight .It will improve their  circulation .


It is part of the idea of trying to move the body back into this place of balance. We can look at the   component of the infrared compartment of the electro magnetics spectrum. We listen to the radio which is part of the spectrum. Many people who use microwave to cook food. We use visible light other whose we wouldn’t be able to see anything.  When you go to a doctor or a dentist they take an x-ray. Ultra violet light can have the effect of supporting the skin and that type of things. So in between all  of this  is this infrared which  can also be  useful  for a therapeutic  effect  just like the other aspects are very helpful in our  society . We have these chambers we  call where  they are usually l made from wood and they are the infrared saunas,  a little bit different from the conventional sauna in that the conventional sauna you have the air  gets  very hot and in an  infrared it almost  more penetrates the body which is  why it  is able  to produce   number  of these physiological  and even psychological  positive effect to get to where we are trying to get to .


So we talked about  detoxification , desperation and then the third aspect of cleansing  is  the physiological action because detox and depuration depending on which therapy you are using may  exceed  the body’s limits of physiology and when  you do that then of course you start having  side effects because we job[pushed the body  beyond it slim it .It’s like stretching a rubber band  too often and too  much and then  it never goes back to its regular size.  We can look at drainage as this aspect of support of therapy which when we do a number roof those which will facilitate the body’s ability to remove waster   products.


How does the body accomplish this? It accomplish it through rather complexes biochemical process. Much of it which happens in your liver. The liver of course is not the most important organ because they are   all important but the liver is the wanly organ that we as human if you cut out half of the liver within a few months it will grow back to its normal size. When they do a liver transplant for example if the liver is too big for the  person they have taken it from to put into they  can just cut the liver in half, put it is because that’s how you can get a liver for  a little baby  because obviously  baby has very tiny  livers.


You can take a supporting match, just cut the piece you want, stick it in and you can give it to several different people and it will grow to the appropriate size. So the liver is an extremely imprint component of the detoxification process. It oozes through a number of these different phases, we call phase one and has two.  They contain a number of biochemical   compounds that allow that to happen and I think the easiest way to think about it is that the phase one component of what the liver is doing. It so like putting all your garbage in the garbage pail. So you are bringing it to one central point. On the day that your garbage is collected  you put it out at the road  however it works in you  city and then  the phase two aspect is when the garbage truck comes along and get its rid of  it .


It so important that we have these two aspects. If the garbage  truck comes along and you  don’t have the garbage at the road then nothing  happens  of if you put it  on the road  and the garbage truck doesn’t come along it doesn’t get rid of it . You need both these phases to be working properly in order to people y detoxify the body. We have this idea that whatever the toxin is, once again its mental, emotional l, physical whatever level we have these biochemical processes that eventually it creates a way for it to get out of the body. In order to support  those specific processes   that’s where vitamins , minerals ,  antioxidants  all come into play because they are essential   for metabolising and allowing the body  to metabolise all these different c components that are going on .


There’s different ones for the phase one, there are different nutrients for phase two. They all have to be  in place , they have to  be optimised which is why  your practitioner will do their  best to try and understand that if you may  insufficient  , deficient , it could be a function  of absorption , mal-absorption  at that type of thing .  a moncre which is a medical term , basically this comes out of  Webster’s dictionary that basically says  it’s an organ or  part of the body that gives  off waste products and it is typically associated with these particcualr organs especially the lymphatic  system, the colon of course , the lungs , the liver that we have just been  talking about , the skin and the k kidney are all important ways that  the body needs to get rid   of things . One of the analogies that I would like to use is the ideaof the body as a bucket for what’s going on. If this bucket over time just keep filling up and filling up and you can’t get to out through these moncres over here then what happens is that it ends up spilling over and so these are what we call the primary ways that the biddy tried it keep this bucket from overflowing but with all the this that happens in our lives. That’s why chariot disease starts with an  empty  bucket but buy the time  its  starts overflowing this  thing has  been filling up for a long period of time . The body is doing its best to keep up and start to get the involvement of other types of tissues for   what’s going on.


We can look at therefore label tests that will support, that can give us a clue of how well the body is detoxifying. Threw is  jets idea of standard reference ranges which just mean  you’re so call normal , doesn’t mean your  optical . We are more interested in whether our patient evaluations dyeing optimal level. Why do we need to detoxify. By now it’s probably a little bit clear r that we are constantly being exposed and if everything is working great then it is not really a problem. However  based on the number of individuals  who  have the nature of some type of  chronic illness we  know that these things have been accumulating and  the statistics are suggesting that about  25% of Americans have  some forms   of heavy metals that they are  exposed to just in everyday life. Whether  it comes from food , whether it  comes from drink whether it comes from   their work place , their environment , the  air  that they breath , the pace  that they live , whether  it comes from  filing in your teeth , it comes  from somewhere and a considerably  amount of people have this  particcualr  problem .


We have this   problems of these toxins in our  environment and of curse if  we are at the top of  food chain  like we are they  start to via accumulate  in plants , they bio accumulate in animals , in fish , in those types of thing  that we require to be supportive  of life . That just the things that we ingest and then they are this that’s we breathe in and are exposed to. Whether it is  dust , mould or synthetic  consumer products , solvents , second hand  smoke , [Inaudible] and all those kinds of this  and then we have lot of exposures into water .


APA  did a study   several years ago of the number of water systems h  throughout the United States and they found  that in the water supplies of  big cities you can  pretty much get any drug you ant  because its already in their., in other words   you can  her ear people saying  how do I have  such a high amount  of  oestrogens  in [Inaudible] . It could be biochemical problem or alternatively you could be drinking tap water where a lot of women hare using hormone replacement or oestrogen or whatever and it just being eliminated in the water supply and it’s not being removed.


It says something about the whole idea of having proper water filtration system. We know mercury it’s definitely not news. It’s made the news, its highly toxic to the nervous system, there is a concern about eating these types of fusing that have high levels of mercury and so we suggest that you avoid these   particular are types of fish because they tend to bio accumulate. That. Unfortunately even in farm fish which are smaller fish we can still tend to concentrate some of the toxins in things. These are e  the preferred fish , the ones that are  lower  in mercury , salmon , policy , flounder , trout   and that  type of things .  We know that pesticide unfortunately are found on foods which is why we are constantly   promoting as much as you possibly can. You are better off to try and do organic foods. We look in the typical aspects of the supermarket by consumer reports did this? They say what are the ten most contaminated foods and there are the ten most contaminated foods. Apples, peppers, cellar, cherries, grapes, nectarines etc. It’s like what am i going to eat. That’s why we suggest as much as possible we try and eat organic foods and ideally of course of our emoncries are working efficiently then the body is capable of eliminating but If our emoncries is not as efficient as we tend to accumulate it then we add cleaning products, detergents, soap etc. around it’s no wonder why we start to bio accumulate all these particcualr type of products that we are basically being exposed to.


Who needs detoxification? Probably figures it out by now that there’s isn’t nay chronic  illness  that wouldn’t  benefit   from sort of detoxification  and these are some of the common type  of reason that people goes to the  doctor and  things we see in our clinic on a day to day basis .

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