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Cancer Free Detox P2

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We’ve  come to find and what we do at  our clinic here in Scottsdale  is we try and look  deeper than  just  the assumption that it is a hormone problem or a viral  problem or whatever and we start looking at some of the  other factors  that we have been able to associate with a number of patients who have chronic illness . Whether it is a balance n in the Chinese meridians, whether it we balance in what you have inherited. What it really comes down to is the violation in society of nature’s laws and at time we can go through nature’s laws but we can look at publications that are not new. In fact Doctor Oswald wrote this and published this in 1982. We have a lot of a 130 years ago he said the reason that people get ill, using his words for diet. What happens when they are inside their homes, outside their homes? Gymnastics which we now refer to of course as movement and exercise, importer clothing. Even in those day they were talking about synthetic things, not get enough sleep, not get have enough fun in life and of course poor hygiene.  Then 100 years ago doctor Lenard published his idea of chronic disease   which he felt was indeed a  violation of nature’s laws and he said  in his opinion it was  about  excessive  eating , too much alcohol , coffee  or tea   or overwork , night work , fear  or worry  , poor  air quality , lack of exercise , loveless marriages  and  it looks  pretty similar to what everybody talks about nowadays . I don’t even think they had Starbucks back in those days but yet they were drinking too much coffee and tea and still working late etc.


So that hasn’t changed intake last 100 years. We tend to think that the chronic disease   that we have now are knew but they aren’t new. They certainly were in existence in those days also. Then this was  published a number of years ago that basically said  when they did this survey looking  at these 4 factors , smoking and healthy weight form a BMI perspective , regular eating  at least 5  fruits and vegetables per  day and some form of  regular  exercises. Fortunately a small percentage of the population actually gets that so the recommendation was that there should be some amount of physical activity. If one so not in their idea of BMI then the bunch will lose weight appropriately. That was published in 98 and this is even been changing.


It always was you needed to exercise more, you need to do aerobics but more and more research is showing what you really need to do is just move. Whether it’s organised, it counts, housework counts, going skiing counts, playing ice hockey, running, walking, walking is still one of the best exercises because many people are able to do that while they may not be able to participate in other sports.


Since we are going to talk about toxins   we should sort of deicide what is it and we  can look in the dictionary and come up with what the  dictionary  says is the toxins so we will sort of define  that  and as far as the body  I concerned. We want to separate it between a natural toxin which is the balance of oxygen and carrion dioxide as I mentioned as we minutes ago. Every time a cell is  breathing as that cell is breathing  it is giving off a waste product and as its going through its function of what it does , whether it is making energy or making  a hormone  or making enzymes  to help many other reactions if you can’t get rid  of the waste products or id f you can’t get the proper  oxygen  in then that cell will not function optimally and so we have theses toxins that we need to get  rid of . Then of course every time we talk about toxic people think the only think you need to talk about are what’s external to us.  So we talk about insecticides and pesticides and all the chemicals that we get exposed to on a regular basis   but they are not the only toxins as we Weill see.



These are the chemicals that  the us  government  publishes data  about but only when h you have a million chemicals that  are known adding only about  1500  new ones are registered  every year. Right now there is probably  over a 100 , 000 that has been registered so it’s like wow no wonder we   get exposed to this stuff on an ongoing basis and then the food supply , look at  how old  this data is in  1976 back in those days that  was even before fast food  is as popular as it is  now . Fourteen pounds  of additives , 160 pounds of sugar  , 8 pounds of salt and you can assume that those numbers are on the own  end now .


That the average consumption in  this country and I suspect some of you are not indulging  in the types of things  that are on that particular slide but yet they  are con attributing to hat we  are doing on a n every day basis and we need to be mindful  of that  type of thing . More important than just looking at those types of toxins there is something that I think is more important and certainly in our experience here on the clinic what we found is that probably the most harmful toxin that’s a risk to the body is the emotional toxin.


So I found this little graphic   some time ago and I think is  very appropriate for when we are try to speak ads as people are  looking for ways for healing we are looking at the aspect when I say  let’s try and live above the line. So when we h have interest, optimisation, joy, ecstasy, serenity, trust, acceptance, love etc.  And try to avoid belong down below the line where it is grief and disgust, boredom and sadness and   pensiveness and remorse and content and annoyance, fear etc. If we could live above the line it is definitely much more possible to be able to keep the body in a state of a balance.


If we assume  that there is toxicity involved  in chronic disease , if  we assume  that there is toxicity involved up cancer  in order to remove it we  have to first be able to recognise  it . Recognise it from the aspect of is this something that the body can protect, is this something that we have to get rid of in the body and of it recognises it how does the body neutralise it so it can then be eliminated for the body. All those things are necessary. It’s just one thing to recognise it but we also need to know that the toxins are stored in this place we call it the extra cellular matrix.


It’s the areas around the cells. We know most of you are familiar with the fact that a baby is about 75 % water and an elderly person retired person let’s say is about  65% water and all the rest of us is about somewhere else in between. In this exercise the matrix of course is where the body steers things. It’s a way to protect the  body to try and prevent it from managing the cell walls which is the  all-important  interaction with that environment  and happening with the cell  itself  down in all this mechanism . This is where all of the machinery is for the body to be able to produce things. So if we have a lot of text out here it’s very difficult to get proper nutrients, to get the waste products out to get the healthy things in so we start to build up fluid in this extra cellular matrix and that fluid then holds on to a lot   of this and then the body starts to deposited it in different places.


This particular substance is it allows  us to permits structure  for the body , it allows   us to give a structure of the  body  of cells and its well-known that things that will  damage this particular part of the body , this place  where  all this water is stored is  [Inaudible]  diet that’s not a proper diet  for the individual , a lack of movement , in sufficient  amount of clean water and then the  inefficient  of management of stress.  All unfortunately quite common this. This was published in Lancid which is a very reputable medical journey a number of years ago.


So we do know and it is recognised   also in medicine that most chronic illnesses are a function of inflammation. You know we think of inflammation and when we have pain we sprain an ankle or a back pain or who have back pain or we have a back pain or whatever and we take an anti-inflammatory and try and decrease that. Well when  you  have a chronic illness like cancer taking an anti-inflammatory like that  of course doesn’t change it even though it is an inflammatory type process so we don’t know  that toy[peg   of  inflammation is incomes in these  type  of  chronic diseases included cancer or heart  disease , auto immune diseases  which are  of course  very prevalent  in our society .  So the body has a very challenging aspect in attempting to remove. How do we get rid of here toxics wetter it’s on physical   level, a mental level, an emotional level. It doesn’t really matter as far as the body is concerned.


It is there and it   is interfering with the body challenge that it is having. This concept of  detoxification involves clearing these toxins from the body  or neutralising them and therefore  if we can  do that what we find in the patient population  is that the feel better ,their  energy is usually  better , they will sleep better , they  will watt better  , they have more vitality , they mind thinks  a lot better . Of course this really what true prevention is all about   when we are looking at those kinds of thing?


We have three words that we utilise and they mean slightly different things but are part of it. The actual definitions are not as critical as to what we are doing. We tend to think all k this pollution and stuff up here. This is what we need to detoxify from.  Depending on  which  part of the country  you are probably living in if  you are  in  the north east  you probably have some  snow  to  deal with for  a couple  of  days,  if you are down this part  of the country actually have sunshine to deal with  up in the north west it’s  raining today.  Then we have depending on where you are living if you are living in the Midwest   and Pittsburgh and when you have heave and industrialised things, poor air equality in different cities. We have to get rid of this somehow  so this detoxification aspect it does involve , it comes to mean this whole  idea of making dietary changes  , people will often do a detox in the spring time . Life is   a little bit more sudden terry, the weather may have not been conducive to get out, dope as much outdoor activities as you would like. We see people in the spring time say we will do a detoxification for a week or two weeks and sort of clean out the body. Which is obviously a great idea, however cleaning out the body sis something that has to hempen 365 days per year. It isn’t something that  you can  for a week or two bad ten for the next  52  think you can keep loading it up  again  because unfortunately  it doesn’t work quite that well .

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