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Cancer Free Detox P5

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Any detoxification plan these basic treatment guidelines are kind of a must to move there. So we of course try and identify so we can  minimise the potential avoidance person may have and of ounce  you try you optimise the diet  program , you try and  optimise  your exercise and movement which may be again simply walking get  because it’s plenty good. Some form of hydrotherapy and a probiotic perhaps for their bowel. Whatever aspect is important for getting everything in order.

Reduce the toxic load, look around your house and in a few weeks doctor Chip Aversion is going to do one of these webinars on environmental toxicity in your house and we will give you a lot of different options and choices as to other things that you can do that may be there that you may not want to be doing. Of course there are our best source of vitamin and minerals. We need to be very diligent about the types of food that we eat because it’s pretty critical. You will find the right type of activity including now a game like WII which in living facilities gas proven to be extremely beneficial. It  does get some of the age  up and moving , depending weather wise you can get out you’re sot of going theorem the emotions and in this faces  playing baseball without actually playing baseball but the teleprompter can tell you if you have a home h run or signal or  fly ball. That kind of things is obviously important.

Motion id the lotion as it says. Basically getting out and just movant does so many food things  for the body and forces if we don’t do it we  end up with a number of these conditions as suggested down here at  the bottom of the slide. We mentioned hydro therapy. It does include in our clinic. We do colonics as a way for May of our   patient population who have come in and need this detoxification this is sort of a jump start aspect. We mentioned the saunas, we mentioned at home at home Epsom salt baths, we motioned turning off the e hot water. So all these types of things are the types of things that can be extremely beneficial.

There are a variety of different types of supplements that beds to be individualise to any patient. Definitely including a variety of antioxidants because the antioxidants are s supporting the phase one and the phase two aspect of the detox process. So without adequate antioxidants our detoxification machinery will shut down and will start accumulating, starting to overflow that bucket that i showed, Its important o know that about 80% of the population on earth us use botanical medicine as their main form of  medicine not pharmaceutical agents  coming out of a pill bottle but rather something that’s coming out of the ground and  they a have studied  historically don there certainly is a whole host of botanical medicines that are excellent for detoxification purposes.

You will have to talk to someone who is trained in that area. A physician he is trained with the use of herbal medicine cane very positive in helping this whole detoxification process for people   and then of course there is more specific therapy. I hinted at the very first slide that fasting is one of the oldest ways that people have done detoxification. There’s all kinds of fasting situations available to people from water fast to juice fast to vegetable fast to the near fast act. That should be carefully monitored by a practitioner who is familiar with the fasting parents.

The IV therapy is  a therapy that can be very  supportive when we have  parents who are perhaps more acid than they need to be and  we can  use the  nutrients directly into their  system to try and support this whole healing process and you can also do the orally . If the person is capable of toleration. The use of Magnus goes back to hundreds of years, it’s one of the oldest therapy. There’s a lot to be said about the electric magnetism and how it can affect the body in Avery positive way. Of course some of  you if you have been to a physical therapist they  may have done some form of electrical stimulation .Its ana extremely valuable detoxification therapy  as well as a therapy  itself to try and  decrease inflammation of  the body . There  is all kinds of body work  practitioners, structural integration is one of the  aspect , Raphine , the aspect  of sort of the chiropractic idea  of balancing things . The more that we can get the body into balance but then you don’t forget the things that  we can do at home such  as pillages or whether you go to a class  or  d it inform of a video when you get home. Felton Chris yoga are the types of things that prove to be extremely helpful.

We use heteronomy in our clinic as a neither form of support the detoxification prices. Acupuncture, it’s been around for thousands of years. It’s not just about needles it also includes Chinese herbs and that why i said 80% of the population this is their primary medicine, not a pharmaceutical agent hat you take as an ill.  This genial therapy is another herbal type form. We use a lot of these remedies if our clinic to support the detoxification. These are three of the common ones that are apart   of the detox process. Mitogens  are specially  prepared herald  medicine .They are used  in small dose , they are great  for kinds , you can get a lot of herbs into kid children this way .Not only from a detox  aspect but form a therapy  perspective .

We can use minerals, not sort of the macro mineral aspect that you can get into a multivitamin multi mineral but actually minerals that are a dose of physiology. We find  when there is a number of orgasm that are out  of balance we can  use supportive  remedy to just try and get them  resetavblished . Tissue salts have been around d since [Inaudible] developed end and discussed them into the 1800s. So a very old therapy, very effective. Once again for mammy patients with chronic illness we put that in. lower essences are the types of thing that are extremely helpful and for a percent to move to where they need to be.

So if we are looking at  detox  which any patient is not where they need to be  health  wise  is generally a wise way  to consider to start . So we are suggesting that we start with the basic treatment guidelines and then we have to decide what the next best thing for patients to do is. The whole idea of either doing a fast of some type , perhaps a cleaning diet of some  type , chelation   if that’s appropriate  , herbal  medicines , supplements those types of things are all the types of thing  that may prove to helpful and effective . They all part of it. Whatever one ends up doing in general we’ve found that tense particular remedies the under numbers just make it better.   These remedies come from  Europe , they are  date aspects  of  minerals and  botanicals  that when  given to a patient to support the basic emocries and detoxification  make a pretty  important aspect and this is a typical prepetition that we can  u se of detox is those three remedies .


You’re  going to need a practitioner  who is familiar death  that type of  therapy to be able to  most effectively utilise them  and then we  have these remedies that are  going to be supportive   for some patients in a variety of different kind of things and  you  know we have remedies to support the liver  and remedy to support the energy if that’s depleted , blood sugar regulation is definitely a bid goal . We have the  twelve principles to try and  minimize your exposures to make sure  that you have adequate levels  of water on a day to day  basis , that your bowels move regularly .  We use whole foods, flat seeds are one that can tolerate them if not chi seeds or pumpkin seeds or sun flower seeds or sesame   seeds. Whatever seems to work the best with a person? Organic produce and animal products are one of the ways to try and support the body .Lost of different calories of fruits and vegetables of all type off varieties trying to minimise caffeine and nicotine and the alcohol.


Not saying none but to try and minimise that and for some form of movement trying to minimize  processed food  especially the white flour  products , the water products and  if you can sweat profusely  with as sauna or a detox that’s a great way to detox. There’s is specific nutrients that we give for people. So there’s many propel it’s our belief from our climbing will totally benefit of from doing a detox program. So once again we suggest using t eh basic human guideline supplements, the minimum mines that shared earlier. We recommend d people   to regularly do casserole packs and move on e a regular basis, they may consider a supervised neuron cleanse.


Just a comment that in a couple of week we have  an entire two day boot camp coming up with six practitioners  who are highly skills with  cancer. This can be attended in person where in Scottsdale  at our clinic or  alternatively  it could be attended virtually on your computer  just like you are doing now  it  will stream  to you and you will have all the benefits  of hearing the six practitioners rest from  the comfort of your living room we were ever your  computer is . We  do encourage  you obviously   our need to get onto to  this particular site, your health ticket in order  to  the events down her because this  is where you signed up for the webinar so we are encouraging you to  go back on this because we keep  adding webinars .


Next  week we have an interesting one called  house call coming u and that where you the  participants can   ask , doctor Dorgan  is going to be doing that one and  just  if you want  to ask  him  something about health or  an  opinion about  whatever dentistry or whatever you want to ask about heavy metals or should you do this  a or should   you do that ,  should everybody taker vitamins or not take  vitamins . He won’t be able to asker a specific question about your own personal health but you can sort of give you some generic types of ideas.


Coming up in a couple of weeks you have the basic treatment guidelines one which the entire webinar   is on that one little sectional and we will talk about k berating type of exercise and really what is the best water we should drink . If we get a water filter which one should h you get, should we have an alkaline water filter, should we use river osmosis, is a Britta filter good enough that you can buy for not too many dollars. Is that going to work? We have thyroid issues, thyroid one on children, menopause, and food allergies. I mentioned this one here doctor Elverson would be doing this one. He’s been in that industry for over 20 years and is very skilled end and very knowledgeable about tops of things that you can do in your home.


We encourage you to visit your health ticket on a regular basis because you continually see updated webinars that we keep post. For those of you who would like to have a consulting specific to your pacific situation we have this as a specific service   also on virtual and nature path where you basically where you can fill our via Skype consultation. It is just a consultation because we’re not going to be able to do a lot of medical diagnosing but we will be able to answer some specific questions about your situation when you fill out the intake form. So if that is of interest to you visit virtualnaturepathh.com. It can be something that can be helpful.


That’s all I have to say.  I always thank you u people for attending. We are almost at the top of the hours. I see that someone has as keyed the question and said if you of root canals in your out and a lot of missing teeth what is your recommendation?

That’s a great question because we know with cancer root canals and dentistry   is one of the biggest factors so that needs to be evaluated. Unfortunately what you have to do first of all is you need to see a biological dentist. Someone  who understand the connection between the  teeth  health  organ system , who t at all  inters connects  an make a determination via  whatever instrumentation they are using . Whether or how you’re particular root canals may be indeed   contribution to your specific health problems and if they are denitrify I something that will be an imprint piece of the overall picture. What’s why we find with treating cancer it really can’t be just practitioner, it can’t be just the oncologist, and it can’t be just an alternative of medical doctor or a niche medic position.  You need a team of people, people of expertise  that may involve a counsellor , it may  involve the psychologist , it may  need to involve  a dentist dependent  in on the what  the dental situation is for people .


So I can’t give you a much more specific answer about that unfortunately than what I just said. So if nobody else has any questions…. a couple of teeth things, if you wiser to listen to this recoding again it will be posted once our IT people get that. If you come back to your health ticket you will get a link and you will be able to download it and view the sides again and listen   to it avian. I know we went through  it  pretty quickly but I wanted  to brush over all the material before the time  is up and I see i am  one minute past  the top of the hour. Since no one else asked a question I  always appreciate you people staying in and whether  you are on the east coast  and its now 9 O’ clock or  you are on the west coast  ,its dinner time and its 6 o’ clock . I hope  you check out  your  health ticket , I hope  if any of those webinars are  of interest  to you by all means sign up . We are  here to educate you and  help  you any way  we can  and if this presentation this evening   has at least giving you something that think about  then we would have accomplished what I  hope  it would . Thank you for spending an hour with me, thank you for your participation and I hope to hear form you again real son. Nice talking to you everybody. Bye.

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