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Cancer Free Detox P4

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In other words   this is my opinion about who needs the detox is pretty much everybody. Even the little babies, we hear of children who are quite seriously ill no doubt because there is this accumulated elasticity. So how are we going to   do that? Well we obviously need to determine that you have a toxic load of some type. History usually goes a long way to be able to do that. Ideally we do some type of testing. You can do a hair analysis of course of heavy testing or you can do a urine analysis, we can do blood testing, we can do liver function test etc. and now we have to optimise the detoxification system that the body had. Before you begin that it’s important that detox systems are working properly otherwise you are just going to build things yup.


What I evolved   over the time is something that I call a basic treatment guldens and they weren’t design to treat any diseases but at the same time they can treat any problem that we have and so they were racially developed to try and enhance all these natural mechanism for getting stuff out of the body through these natural emoncries. We have this bodies treatment guidelines that we will briefly mention.


It talks about breathing, we take it for granted that we do deep breathing. Do we breathe enough? Generally not   people just breath with the tip of their  lungs  , they  don’t move their  diagram  sufficiently  and if we are not moving our diaphragm  we are not filling our air . As I mentioned earlier it’s  in many of  cancer patients when we do evaluation of their  pulse oxicimetry we often find that  ideally it should  be  98  or  99  but main  tomes  we are  finding them 95 or  96 and that definitely a   problem .


Drinking water is like really do I have to drink water? Can I drink it as coffee or tea or music or justice regularly dies that not count. Water is water and there is a place for juice and there’s a place for tether beverages but you still need to flush the system out. It’s like saying would you rather wash your dishes with the juice water or would you rather was your dishes with really, really clean water and then save the juice to try and provide some nutrition. We need to basically get the water we need to move
I mentioned it earlier. It was talked about 130 years ago by Doctor Oswald .Still the one that suits the most. It says you don’t have to go to the gym although it’s great if you do. Yoga is a great activity, moving on a regular basis. Some form of water treatment is a great detox. People will take Epsom salt baths or they will end their shower over air by turning the hot water off and hand it with a cool spray. We can do a variety of different types of therapy, nasal devoirs where people have chronic sinus concession. We can do hot, we can do cold. We can do what we call warming socks to try and help move the limp. The lymphatic system is that other circulatory system that is important of health. It’s extremely important part of your immune system. Most of it of course is located within this particular area of the body.

In fact with this combination of that’s up here, the neck the throat, the tonsils of course are and then the entire digestive system. We have a 70% of probably our entire immune system lies in these two areas so it’s important that we move it. We move it with a couple of therapies in position to movement. Castor oil packs is a pace of cotton flannel, actor oil, we put some castor oil in those flannel, we let it saturate and then we apply it over the abdominal area as part of the detox.

Dry skin brushing is using a natural sponge or loofa and then before bed we are trying to get the lymphatics moving and so we will likely brush him skin. We live in a society because of electric lights and stimulus and late night television and all that kind of stuff people do not get enough sleep. The  reason we know that is because there is a million and one studies that basically say over and over if you  don’t get enough sleep you will pretty much  be destined that you will eventually end up with a chronic  illness because you’re not able to repair your tissues adequately  between  8 and 8 1/2 hours and  ideally we should  be going to bed  as this clock suggest between 10 and 11 because it’s the most productive time  then for sleeping the next  8 hours . Getting then up at 6 or 6:30 when the sunlight is coming up. That also an important component. Some of you may be in ta part of the country where sunlight is a premium. Like where i lived for 5 years in the northwest, this time of year you’re fortunate if you know what there is a sun in the sky.

You do need to get outside and if you are in Alaska it’s like what sun, its dark is for but a few hours. We need to either artificially create it but ideally we need to get out in it. A great way to start a meal is 15 minutes before   meal is to use organic apple cider vinegar and a little bit of waiter. Half teaspoon to one teaspoon. It sort  of prepares the body  for what’s coming , it  prepares the body that there is  going to be food that is going to be  important and  necessary and start the while digestive  process.

Then of course there has to be a lot of discussion about what are you going eat. You know right not the government right now is showing this plate aspect of sort of dividing it. As a practitioner of course what we try to do is we try to individualise the diet to the patient. There isn’t any one diet that suits everybody and glutton is a problem for a number of people. There’s a lot of people of course with allergies to food. This is just healthy diet, the abdominal aspect of blood type diet will suit some peel. This sis an electrical measurement that we can determine. This type here is a hype do diet that made best suit diabetics but that has to be individually determined by your practitioner.

We can  look just as a general  aspect  i said  most , virtually all diseases  now are inflammatory like  up here  so what we want to look at is what are  the foods that’s we know that sort of creates an  anti-inflammatory  effect . If you have a chronic illness that is inflammatory as we know it is then the goal would try to include as many of these types of foods over here because it will have a counteracting effects amongst these but if we are going keep eating these foods over here what you’re going to do is keep feeding the inflammation and wonder why perhaps the medication that you’re taking are not as efficient as they would like them to be.

We know that inflammation in diet is a huge issue. there is a lot of  saturated fats  and high fructose  corn syrup certainly is a problem because it’s in the diet way  too much , it’s been overly processed . We get into this cortisol of flight and freight response and we end up with quite a number of health problems simply because of diet that is not appropriate for the individual.  You need to be mindful, work with your practitioner to find out what is the right diet for you to eat. For cancer  sake, we recently  published by the America Cancer Society within the last couple of weeks, 30  % of cancers are  directly related to food , directly related to  diet and so if do have cancer , if you have been  treating for cancer and  your oncologist says diet doesn’t matter , doesn’t read what the American Cancer society is saying and has said   for  quite a  number of years . You want to try and get people in this para synthetic state. We use a number of evaluations on clinic to try and be able to gage that.
We can use a variety of different seeds and nuts basically to support and minimise inflammation, When we are repainting  the gastro intestinal tract we have these 5 Rest that we are  looking through o try and balance  things out i in order to get the person to this more ideal state of  health . Very often in most of these diets we are looking for probiotics. This is one that our clinic has used or some time. It’s a well reputable company. It works extremely well for people to try balance their immune system and their gastro intestinal tract for what’s going on. Don’t forget that it’s important that you do something for fun. We live in a society that’s so stressful it’s really curios to me that people don’t know how to have fun anymore. They think well   did not have any money, you don’t need money to have fun. Just going for a walk and the fresh air can be something that’s extremely important but also it’s something mindless. Playing a game of solitaire or a cross words puzzle you’re getting together, creating something on an everyday basis is a fun part.

You know i briefly in 10 mutes go over what  i consider the cornerstone of what i consider health or one of the  corner stone of health rather an those need to be all in place . No matter what condition are treating. If those are not in place we have more and more difficulty that awe start trying g t fins things. We try to find a supplement or  a homemade [Inaudible] remedy or a pharmaceutical agent that  will try to balance it but  unfortunately you can’t balance it if  a lot of these basic nature of natural  laws are not being abided by  it becomes very difficult .

The minimum aspect that we recommended to our patients form the aspect of just trying to help a detox aspect is a fish oil, we recommended the super-ofay. The pro biotic, the HMF forte, a kind of B vitamin to support the distress component and then now in society vitamin D. Many of you of course have probably add your vitamin D level measured.  Once again people often say oh yea you’re fine. Many of the numbers are between 30 and 100. I see so many of the patients being told it was fine and yet they come back and its 32. 32 isn’t  fine, 32 is fine if you are only doing one thing but if  you are looking to prevent cancer the numbers needs  to be upwards the  55 – 65 range . That’s been well supported in research.

Vitamin D is even here in Arizona where it is sunny as it often is we are still finding people with low vitamin D level, because people are not outside, in the summer it’s just too hot to do. If jam woman is men starting then we add a fifth remedy where we are recycling thing with the evening primrose oil which is the GLA 130. Men as a basic supplement regime the fish oil and then a probiotic and BND is something that can really help them get at least started.

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