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In this day and age, health and wellness is becoming increasingly important. People are moving towards natural alternatives to better health, and detox foot pads are one of the most natural and non-invasive methods that help improve your wellbeing.

Detox pads have been introduced for over 10 years now. It was developed and continues to be refined by Dr. Vinograd – a holistic dentist, naturopathic doctor and holistic healer, who also regularly shares his insights on natural detox and non-toxic dentistry to an online audience in over 50 countries.

How it works

The active ingredients in detox pads are natural herbs and minerals traditionally used by ancient Japanese to help cleanse the body from harmful toxins. These are typically a blend of tree sap vinegar, plants, herbs, and tourmaline minerals.

Detox pads are centrally placed on the soles of the feet, the area that responds to the kidneys, liver and spleen in reflexology. Your foot is like a mirror of your body and has over 20,000 nerve endings that react with different corresponding parts of your body. When placed on the bottom of the foot, the herbs and minerals in the pad interact and release infrared energy which draws out toxins.

For best effects, it is recommended that the foot patch be worn overnight (or during extended periods where you’ll be off your feet) for 30 days consecutively.

The Benefits of Foot Detox

Foot Detox accelerates the body’s natural detoxification process through pores while you sleep (where the pads are recommended to be worn). The health benefits that result from this are numerous and include improvements in:

  • cell function
  • blood pressure
  • weight loss
  • sleep quality
  • joint pains
  • energy levels
  • depression
  • health in general

What to Expect

Many are appalled by what they see each time they remove their detox pads and come to realize just how much toxic waste have accumulated in them over time. Detox pads discolor and darken as a result of the herbs and minerals interacting with the body. What you see is the secretion of lymphatic fluid and toxins that have been absorbed by the pads. It reflects the amount of toxins that have been excreted from your body.

Laboratory results show that used detox pads contain toxic traces such as:

  • mercury, copper, aluminum, nickel
  • lead, arsenic, asbestos
  • cadmium, thallium
  • isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol
  • dyes and PCB (plastic byproduct)

The good news is that (with the help of hair analysis kits) definite reduction in toxic levels can be seen after each use of the detox foot patches. Furthermore, there are no side effects.

Who Should Use Detox Pads

Detox pads work naturally and are therefore suitable for anyone who wishes to achieve optimal health. They will especially help if you:

  • feel stressed, tired or fatigued
  • consume a lot of caffeine and sugar
  • suffer from body aches and pains
  • are over or underweight
  • suffer from insomnia
  • use medication or prescription drugs
  • have high cholesterol or blood pressure
  • smoke or drink alcohol
  • suffer headaches and migraines

Why use Detox Pads

If you want a natural, easy, and non-invasive way to aid your body in toxin removal and simply cannot maintain regular harsh detox programs, then detox foot pads are for you. Toxins are part of your daily life, more than you know it. They’re not only in the foods we eat but also in the air we breathe, and cosmetics, skin care and household products we use.

It’s time you gave your body a break. Slap on a couple of foot pads and let them work overnight to reduce your body’s toxic load, naturally and simply.

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