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Natural Detox Foot Pads: Value
Foot Pads vs. Medical Detox

BodyPure 2x

Kidney Damage NO POSSIBLE
Heart Failure NO POSSIBLE
Calcium Depletion NO POSSIBLE
All Natural YES NO
Non-Invasive YES NO
No Fasting YES NO
Detox Heavy Metals
(mercury, lead, aluminum, click here)
Free Used Pad Analysis YES NO
Free Shipping YES NO
100% guaranteed YES NO
Cost NO
BodyPure vs. Other Foot Pads

BodyPure 2x

Bamboo Vinegar X
Unconditional Guarantee X
FREE Shipping X
Made in the USA X
FREE Used Pad Test
Click here for details
All natural (no shellfish, animal products, ethylene glycol, gluten, latex, or any other chemicals) X
30 day supply $120+
Note: BodyPure 2x Pads contain more than 2x the active ingredients of any other detox pads on the market (ie a 30 day cleanse requires 30 pads vs 60+ from all other brands)

Money Back Guarantee Click here to read our BBB review
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"I have only used the BodyPure pads for a couple of days, and I am feeling more energetic already."

Dr. Ron Violet
San Antonio, Texas
"These pads are unbelievable! I've worn them on each foot the last two nights, and the gunk is pouring out. I noticed in the morning that my toenails are clear for the first time in years. They were a yellowish color, and now they look like I went to a spa! I've used various foot bath therapies with no success. Darndest thing I've ever seen."

Bishop M. Craig
Bishop Craig Ministries
"My dad has circulatory problems. His feet were blue, and it was painful for him to even walk around the house. After using the BodyPure pads, he is now walking all over with no pain, and his feet are a healthy pink color! Also, a customer here at my store has emphyzema/lung and back pain to the extent that he can hardly breathe. After 3 days, he came in all lit up, dancing around the store, telling us his back pain is completely gone, and his breathing is 80% better."

Becky Betteridge
Palm Harbor Natural Foods & Super Vitamin Outlet
"While I slept, that small pad was really working! It painlessly sucked toxins out of my body. My clean white bad turned nearly black! Take a look for yourself. Here's the pad BEFORE I put it on my foot and here it is the next morning. That black stuff is moisture and toxins that came out of my body in just one night!!"

Layne Lowery
President of Health Resources™

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