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Do I need internal cleansing?
Everyone does! Why? Because we are all exposed contaminating factors on a daily basis. Even if we eat organic foods, drink bottled water, and avoid smog filled cities, there are still unavoidable pollutants in our air, and water. For more detailed information, click here.

What are common symptoms of a toxic body?
Poor elimination, bloating, gas, brain fog, forgetfulness, headaches, allergies, overeating, poor circulation, fatigue, mood swings, bad breath, stiff joints, cold hands and feet, recurring infections, indigestion, poor skin, cellulite, and lower back pain are only some of the symptoms.

How Does BodyPure Work?
BodyPure mainly uses elements of tree sap to draw toxins from your system, as can be seen by the residue drawn onto the pad after proper use. The BodyPure patch encourages self-healing by promoting improved circulation and release of toxins through the K Meridian (Kidney Meridian located on the sole of the foot). BodyPure does not treat or cure anything by releasing any active ingredients into the body. It simply stimulates your natural system to detoxify and cleanse. Click here for more information on how BodyPure works.

Have the toxins in the foot pad been tested?
Although the technology of the BodyPure patches have been used for many years in Japan, we have taken it upon oursleves to provide further verification its effectiveness. The results of these tests can be found here.

What are BodyPure's quality standards?
BodyPure is manufactured from the highest quality wood vinegar extracts, not packed with extra fillers. Click Here to see a visual demonsatration. There is NO Ethylene Glycol in our product (exposure to ethylene glycol can damage the kidneys, heart, and nervous system). We also do not engage in MLM (multi level marketing) sales schemes, or require membership of any sort. We DO NOT sell your information to third parties.

If the foot pad is dry, may I reuse it?
No, once the Pouch has been used, it will be slightly moist, even if undetectable visually. For hygienic purposes, re-use is not recommended.

How often, and how long should I use the product? When can I stop using the foot pad?
Initially, BodyPure should be used nightly (on one foot) for a recommended period of thirty days. Individuals who feel that they have been exposed more extensively to toxins may choose to prolong the 30 day period or use patches on both feet. After the initial cleansing period, simple maintenace is recommended (one patch every two to three weeks).

Is it safe to use?
BodyPure does not deliver any chemicals into your body. It simply supports your bodys natural functions, and is therefore very safe. The powder contained in the foot pad is acidic, but not much more so than the natural acidity of your skin.

How many foot pads are included in the BodyPure box?
There are 10 pads, 10 adhesive sheets, and instructions for use included in each box of BodyPure, 3 boxes are included in the special offer (30 pads, used on alternating feet each night).

What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover credit cards both online, and over the phone at (888) 951 PURE.

What kind of shipping do you use?
We use USPS Priority Mail or Fedex Ground Services within the United States (3-4 business days), shipping charges and delivery times vary with international deliveries. Please allow up to 48 hours for your order to be processed.

Is my personal information safe with you?
We never distribute your personal information, and use state of the art SSL encryption technology to secure your credit card information upon checkout. See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Here.

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